Travelling to the Caribbean and discovering the rum

by danielacaruso

If you have been thinking about buying rum recently and you are not sure which one to choose we want to guide you on a journey through the Caribbean. Unfortunately it is not a real journey but still you will learn a lot about different types of rum and their paradisiacal home countries.

At first you have to know that the Caribbean consists of countries with a big tradition in rum, as Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic as well as Columbia, Venezuela, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

So prepare your stuff and let the trip begin!

The journey starts in Jamaica, the land of reggae and rastafaris. In this country, the most famous rum is the emblematic Appleton rum.

Next stop is Puerto Rico, this amazing island is the home of the most important distilleries, the Bacardi. Bacardi Razz  rum is a good option, as it  is flavored with raspberry and strawberry for drinking straight or mixing in cocktails. Bacardí Elixir on the other hand has a powerful and intense sugar toast aroma. This rum has a sweet taste and is full of character.

After tasting all the different Bacardi types,  we change environment and go to the Dominican Republic. There we will find the famous Ron Barceló, as well as the Brugal and the Bérmudez. And of course wonderful sandy beaches.

At last we will visit Cuba, which is famous for its cane sugar and of course for its Havana Club and Matusalem, two really important rums on the island.

Unfortunately our trip will stop just there but we invite you to try all the different rums on your own and build your own opinion. Just enjoy and feel on holidays, all year round!

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