Travel the World with these Exotic Cocktails

by Isabelle Escande
exotic cocktails around the world

exotic cocktails

You don’t even need to pack your bags or grab your passport! Today we’re taking you around the world with these exotic cocktails!

Ti-punch or a Caribbean Twist

Ti Punch Caribbean Twist

Some of the most exotic cocktails are actually the easiest to make. This cocktail is fresh, citrusy, and won’t take you more than five minutes to make. Plus, it’s made directly in the glass and only needs a handful of ingredients that are very easy to find. So we’re already off to a good start…

A real institution in the West Indies, Ti-punch is traditionally made with white rum.

Ingredients (makes one):

  • 50 ml white rum
  • 20 ml lime juice
  • 10 ml sugar cane syrup
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar
  • Half an organic lime, cut into quarters


  1. Place your half lime cut into quarters in the glass and crush it with a pestle.
  2. Add the lime juice, the cane sugar syrup, the sugar and finally the rum. Mix with a teaspoon and it’s ready!

Want to change it up? The recipe can be modified to suit your taste (especially the sugar!) and what you have on hand…Don’t have brown sugar? Just use cane sugar syrup and vice versa. Only have an old rum in your cupboard? It’ll do the trick perfectly. You can even turn your ti-punch into a non-alcoholic cocktail. Just replace the rum with juice! Be aware that the original recipe does not normally call for ice cubes, but you are free to do what you like… A few ice cubes are often super refreshing!

The Blue Hawaii – Dive into the Turquoise Water…

Blue Hawaii cocktail
Blue Hawaii

Just by looking at it, you can already imagine turquoise water, fine sand, coconut trees… This recipe was given to us by Karin Mosca, Italian content editor at Drinks&Co and our cocktail specialist! With its bright blue colour, it comes directly from the 70s and 80s when it was a hit. Nowadays, with the trend for more natural-looking cocktails, it has lost its popularity, but we think it could definitely make a comeback!

Fun fact: the Blue Hawaii cocktail was invented in 1975 by Harry Yee, head bartender at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki, Hawaii. It is said that a representative of the Dutch distillery Bols asked him to create a drink in this colour to advertise Blue Curaçao liqueur.


  • 40 ml white rum
  • 15 ml Blue Curaçao
  • 90 ml pineapple juice
  • 30 ml lemonade
  • Crushed ice
  • Small chunck of pineapple and cherry for decoration


  1. Put all ingredients in a shaker (except the lemonade), then shake and pour into a Hurricane cocktail glass.
  2. Add the lemonade and stir with a spoon. Decorate the glass with a small piece of pineapple, cut into a triangle and placed on the rim. Add a glacé cherry on the pineapple with the help of a cocktail stick to spear the ingredients together.

Make it special! Make your own lemonade by mixing 100 ml of sugar with 400ml of lemon juice.

The Michelada, THE Mexican cocktail

Michelada Mexican Beer Cocktail

Strange at first glance, this beer-based spicy cocktail is a favourite in Mexico.

Made directly in the glass, it’s really easy to make at home with ingredients that can be found just about anywhere.



  1. In a glass, add the Worcestershire sauce with a few drops of Tabasco (to taste) and a dash of lime juice.
  2. Pour lager up to three quarters of the glass, then top up with tomato juice and ice cubes (as desired). Stir.

To give your drink an added kick, serve in a glass with lemon and salt on the rim. A dash of tequila can be added for something a little stronger.


We hope you’ve enjoyed these recipes for easy-to-make exotic cocktails. Let us know how it goes in the comments!

Translated by Chelsea Cummings from Isabelle Escande’s original French article: Les cocktails qui font voyager.

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