Top beer consuming countries (and II)

by Marta

In the previous post I left you yearning for more, but it was only due to space and time reasons. I imagine that many people are looking forward to know both the classification of countries where more liters of pure alcohol are consumed, such as those in which more beer is drunk per year. And that’s what I came to offer today.
The 10 countries in which more liters of pure alcohol are consumed per person and year (considering only people 15 years and older) are, according to the World Health Organization, the following:

  1. Palau
  2. Czech Republic
  3. Seychelles
  4. Ireland
  5. Azerbaijan
  6. Austria
  7. Uganda
  8. Germany
  9. Lithuania
  10. Estonia

The 10 countries in which more beer is consumed per people and year are next:

  1. Czech Republic
  2. Germany
  3. Austria
  4. Ireland
  5. Estonia
  6. Lithuania
  7. Poland
  8. Australia
  9. Venezuela
  10. Finland

* Data obtained from the study “Per capita beer consumption per country” made in 2010 by Kirin Holdings Company.

In view of the results provided by both, what I notice is, apart from the Czech Republic subject that we mentioned in the previous post, the fact that in both classifications Ireland occupies exactly the same place: the fourth. This just means that Guinness beer is great and sometimes it can be drunk together with all kind of shots, submarine style.

If we look at the gallons of consumption by country the ranking would be entirely different. China would occupy the top spot with more than forty-four thousand six hundred million liters per year (not less), and it would be followed by the United States that largely outweigh the twenty-four billion liters.

In India however, despite its population, they only consume 1400 million liters of beer per year. I would like to recommend Cobra beer to those who still have not tasted it yet.
It?s interesting to know that in Japan more than five thousand 1800 million liters of beer are consumed annually, including a significant percentage which certainly corresponds to the exotic beer Asahi Super Dry, which is also quite cheap.

And for those who are planning an international beer tasting day, after I have made you green with envy with this post, some recommendations coming from Mexico: Negra Modelo, Cerveza Sol, Bohemia, Dos Equis XX Special Lager, Tecate and Coronita.

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