Top 7 Instagram Accounts for Wine lovers 2018


Over the past years, the world of wine joined the social networks and grew a not so small audience. That is why, at Uvinum, we have researched the Top 7 Instagram accounts for wine enthusiasts.

Nowadays, you can find a community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for each wine niche in order to discover the most beautiful wine hikes, breathtaking châteaus and the most delicious food pairing. Starting with wine recommendations to creative photos and competitions up to videos – there is nothing that does not exist. In the Instagram account of Uvinum, for instance, you find fun images, phrases and – most importantly – video tastings of mainly Spanish wines. From time to time, however, we also get to taste and evaluate international gems.

To all wine drinking Instagrammers: Take a look at our list of the 7 most important winefluencers from all around the globe. Thanks for exciting and artistic pics, they will beautify your 2018.


The WineWankers bring youthful charm and wit to the traditional wine world. They don’t hide behind diplomatic descriptions but say exactly what is on their minds. Following these, you’ll get to know new wines from Australia and other faraway corners of the world and simply enjoy nice photos.



2,025 posts and 124k followers by the time of creating this post speak for themselves. Winerylovers offer a virtual home to all wineries and wines, as well as a free wine dictionary for true wine fans. Discover new wines, picturesque landscapes and get inspired by innovative food pairings.



As one of the world’s most prestigious champagne houses, Veuve Clicquot gains an audience with inspiring pictures in pastel shades. Gorgeous wine moments, recommendations and just beautiful to look at. A must for champagne enthusiasts.




With Champagneworldwide, we’ll stay in the world of French sparklings. These posts contain wonderful pics of breathtaking champagnes and deliver interesting information about methods, production processes, terroir, châteaus and grape varieties. 




Wine and fashion enthusiast Emanuele Trono shows us his wine impressions from Italy under the alias Enoblogger: landscapes, exceptional wine shops and, of course, wines. The routined wine blogger doesn’t miss one opportunity to share personal experiences. Especially charming when he regularly asks his followers about their opinions and answers to each comment.




Julien Miquel describes his “obsession with … wine, food, travel and family” in expressiv images that tell real stories. Wine recommendations from France or even Japan, artistic photos and wine landscapes – this wine blogger is an absolute Must-Follow.



An excellent vlog on the subject food and wine. Old recipes in a new and fun edition and you will learn new combinations of taste. If you see yourself as a private gourmet chef, with foodandwine you get the chance of getting published and be seen by approximately 2.4 million followers. 


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