Tips to make your beer tasting a success

by Marta Burgués

Almost everyone likes beer, but not everyone knows enough about this drink. If you want to discover the most interesting details to perform a beer tasting, it is important to review your technique step by step. Between a beer and another may be great differences that can be seen by comparing and tasting, such as yeast, colour, foam and taste.

To do so, here are our recommendations to make a success of you beer tasting:

  • Know the types: Read about the types of beer can help you recognize their features and choose which you want to try. Remember not to try more than 5 different each time.
  • Choose well the glasses: The ideal glasses for strong beer are rounded, while for soft beer square glasses are better. For tastings, you must use 2 glasses: one for the appearance and another for taste.
  • Don’t smoke: If you are a smoker, avoid to light up a cigarette before and during the beer tasting.
  • Maintain optimum temperature: Beer must be between 3 and 8 degrees (ºC) for tasting. Some recommend removing it from the refrigerator 10 minutes before, as it must be neither too cold nor too hot to enjoy its aromas.
  • Serve well the beer: While serving beer, the glass must be tilted 45 degrees and poured from a distance that allows foaming no larger than 2 centimetres, stir in circles to start.

Once you start your tasting, you must look at the following:

  • Beer colour: it can be white, reddish, toasted or black. Appreciate its colour by placing the glass against the light and see if it is cloudy or clear. The latter aspects depend on filtration.
  • Foam: While observing the foam, you can not only take into account its thickness, see also if gas pores are open or closed and the persistence of it in the glass, at a lower persistence, greater alcohol content.
  • Aroma: Aromas of cereal beers can be earthy, herbal or floral depending on the amount of malt or wheat used. Lagers tend to have a strong smell of hops and dark beers smell of malt, chocolate or coffee. You can also identify fruit or spice aromas and smell of alcohol on high fermentation beers.
  • Taste: Remember that sour tastes are perceived on the sides of your tongue, sweet ones on the front and bitter on the back. Search for toasted flavours of cereal, then the taste of bitter hops and sweet wheat, now the taste of fruits or spices, the taste of alcohol which produces a slight burning and finally the body that you can appreciate by the texture in mouth, either light or foamy.

 TAGS:Buxton Rednik StoutBuxton Rednik Stout

Buxton Rednik Stout:  a stout beer made in England with 4º of alcohol content.

 TAGS:St. Peter's Honey Porter 50clSt. Peter’s Honey Porter 50cl

St. Peter’s Honey Porter 50cl:  porter beer native of England with an alcohol strength of 4º.

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