Tinto de verano: the perfect solution

 TAGS:While in all stores and malls the last sales coexists with the first arrivals of jackets, coats, turtleneck sweaters and corduroy pants, as always, life on the other side informs us of the opposite. There is nobody who can buckled a button in this heat without sweating and it makes us feel even less desire to go to work.

Sure, during the eight hours that our exhausting workday takes we have to settle for water or coffee. We should not be dramatic, as also exist some work places with vending machines or refrigerator and air conditioning … but it does not really help for our thirst and in our fight against this heat.

I’ve been thinking what could be the solution, and, of course, I suddenly fall asleep and I had to postpone the conclusions a bit more than it would have been desirable, but finally I’ve realized what we lack.

Notice that these home remedies against the heat wave cannot be used during working hours. And I also have to say that I have not invented it, sadly. Well, to the point, the best way to withstand temperatures above twenty degrees is the tinto de verano, as its name indicates (the summer red wine).

Red wine and soda with ice. The simplest is always the best, such as bread, which tastes good just as it comes. In this case the variations are permitted, although then it can no longer be called tinto de verano, but it will for sure fulfill the same function. For example, we can make the mixture with a little pink wine that we have left or with white wine and some other type of soda.

I personally, more than wine with soda, I prefer it with lemonade (among other things because I hate the gas), but the cooling effect is the same. The amount depends on the user, on whatever is in the fridge, on the time of day and I would even say, that it also depends on the day of the week.

We suggest two ingredients for the best tinto de verano:

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Castillo de Chiva Tinto 2012, an affordable, tasty wine



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Lemonade la Casera, the traditional spanish lemonade

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