The Year 2017 At Uvinum: 85,122 Stories

by mark75


It is difficult to fit one year into numbers. So many things have happened! Just to give a brief example: in 2017 we made exactly 85,122 shipments to 35 different countries, and behind each shipment, there is a story. It is the story of a person who lives in Brazil, or in Sweden or in Galicia and who wanted a wine that was in Uvinum or is the story of Hannah, who recently placed an order from London to celebrate her father’s 60th birthday. It is very exciting to think that our wines were at such an intense and moving moment. How can we summarize all these stories into just a few paragraphs?
There are 85,122 stories that take place in thousands of cities. In Spain, for example, they took place in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia – the places that have bought from us the most – but also in places as remote from the point of view of these cities as Pau, in the province of Gerona (with only 551 inhabitants) or Adeje, on the island of Tenerife. And they happen in cities of other countries, of course: in London, Birmingham or Glasgow; in Berlin, Munich or Hamburg; or in Paris, Lyon or Bordeaux. Ubiquity. It is the magic of the online world.

Behind these 85,122 stories, in addition, there are sub-stories. We could say that Spin-offs if we keep the analogy of TV series. For example, many of these people from all the countries in which we sell had the desire to buy the same product, which in 2017 was the Smirnoff Red Label. The most purchased Uvinum product in the world, and also the United Kingdom … In Spain, however, they opted for a white wine, José Pariente Verdejo, or in France for the M of Minuty Rosé. Birds of a feather flock together.

More and less

As in all stories, there are contrasts, of course. Big and small, maximum and minimum, ambition and contention. For example, someone among these 85,122 people made a purchase of great value: spent nothing more and nothing less than € 14,440, the most expensive order this year in Uvinum, an amount similar to that spent by someone who in 2017 bought a Peugeot 208 LPG or a Dacia Lodgy Stepway. In contrast, there was someone much more content that made an order worth € 5.20, the cheapest order this year in Uvinum.

There was someone – the person who most times bought in 2017 – who made 138 orders, which is as if he had placed a daily order for just over 4 months. And there was someone who decided to buy a Petrus for € 3,893.96, the most expensive wine sold this year in Uvinum, and someone else who bought what they say is one of the best beers in the world (and the most expensive), Westvleteren 12, for € 11.05. And even a whiskey aficionado who bought The Macallan Fine Oak 25 Years for € 1,031.69 per bottle, the most expensive distillate sold this year.

Solidarity, originality and future

Also, as in all history, there is solidarity, that of 5,980 customers who during 2017 decided to contribute a euro in solidarity with their purchase. With this euro, we were able to contribute to improving the lives of 43 children in India with leprosy -in support of a reconstructive surgery project- and the 50 children of Mandrosoa (Madagascar), with a scholarship project, assures them a daily meal at school.

There is, of course, a bit of originality. For example, do you know the exclusive edition of Absolut Elyx? In 2017 it was one of the most striking products in our catalogue and, in addition, Uvinum is one of the few sites in Europe and the only one in Spain that has it for sale. We are happy to contribute these little details to history, just as we are happy to offer more and more products: last year we made available to our customers more than 100,000 products, 34% more than in 2016. Because this is also a story of growth. 

And, in 2018 we will continue like this. With a team of 10 different nationalities involved 100% to keep growing (in addition, a team that grows in many ways, because we had 3 new babies on board!). We will continue improving. Expanding Offering distillates, beers and, above all, wines that are part of the lives of our customers, that make them smile, dream, that becomes part of their memory when, as in the case of Hannah, remember the moment in which she toasted for his father’s 60th birthday.

That is our story. To be continued…

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