The worst summer in 50 years for the Italian wine harvest

by Marta

Italian wine harvest suffers the worst summer in fifty years. The stifling heat that Italy has suffered during the summer months has been the guilty of disastrous harvests which has made the producers to lose up to 20% of the estimated volumes in some cases. The regions of Tuscany and Lombardy have been the most affected by this weather.

However, if we talk in terms of wine as a business these results can be interpreted differently. What for the producers means significant liquidity losses to the final buyer can be an advantage.

Every time something like this happens, higher quality grapes are obtained resulting in a higher quality vintage in general, although not as extensive. We have always heard: better quality than quantity, but the fact is that for some this is good but for others it is not. In this case, and as usual, the producer is the one who loses out.

What has happened in Italy also shows that large differences may occur linked to the provenance of the wines that come from this Mediterranean country.

After this summer heat, the wine regions of the North and the Midwest are preparing to take the losses associated with the decrease in volume, while in southern areas the opposite has occurred.

The region of Campania and Sicily are in the opposite situation, as they expect that the results of their crops achieve higher volumes than they did in the previous year (up to the 10% more). This percentage means that half a million hectoliters of wine more will be released.

Analysis and figures that reflect the reality of the wine world, in which producers are at the mercy of the vagaries of weather and the quality, age and strength of the strains are tested each year. That is the value of a product that takes a lot of work even though sometimes the result has much to do with luck.

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