The whisky of the United States

by danielacaruso

The Bourbon obtained its name because the clients in New Orleans used to ask for whisky produced in Bourbon County (Kentucky) where some of the most important cities for the production are placed.

The history of this drink goes back to XVIII century when the american farmers began to distillate the remaining grain of their harvest. A new industry and tradition has just begun: the real american whisky.  The whisky production became very extended and after a discussion about the taxes collected by the government (which ended in the whisky rebellion of 1794) many of the producers moved to the south of Kentucky and Tennessee where they found excellent conditions for the production which gave them an easy access to transport ways as well as rivers. In little time places as Bardstown and Louisville flourished to prosperous communities of whisky producers.

The business converted into an industry, the american palate began to appreciate that unique and characteristic mix of flavours. Three centuries later it is still the favourite one of The United States and in many cases also outside its frontiers, competing even with the most traditional and famous scottish whiskies. Since its introduction on the market and in the palate of the consumer a lot of time has passed. It is a strong industry that still maintains traditional traits refering to the creation of that characteristic drink.

With the time some improvements were introduced in the whisky production process as the carbonization of barrels with the aim of producing a rich and sweet spirit of high quality.The success of those whiskies led to the general introduction of these new methods and soon it became a standard method in the industry.

According to every industry based on tradition and demand and with the objective of fulfilling the commercial legislation of the US, a whisky can only be called Bourbon if it fulfills the following conditions:

  • The mixture of grain used for the production has to consist of 51% to 80% corn. Usually it contains about 70% of corn.
  • For the rest other cereals are used, normally rye, wheat and malted barley.
  • The whisky has to be left in the still of alcohol to a volume not superior to 80.
  • It has to mature in new barrels of white oak and carbonized in a percentage not superior to 62,5 when entered in the barrel.

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