The whiskies of Speyside

by danielacaruso

The malts of Speyside are the raw material for the Scottish malt whisky,  the most desirable of the world. This malt is distillated in Cairngorms, the area next to the Spey river in Moray and Aviemore Cairngorms, in the north of Scotland. The two most sold whiskies of the world come from Speyside and that tells a lot about the quality of the malts and their distillation process. The region with the biggest number of distilleries of any whisky producing area is Scotland.

Scottish whiskies are among the lightest of Scotland. They are sweet, delicate and have a characteristic flavour and the best quality. With ageing they adquire more body and nuances, they are  highly appreciated whiskies that also gives economical power to that region. Speyside is unambigously the scottish region with the biggest number of distilleries of scottish whisky. There are 84 famous distilleries, including the most popular ones: The Glenlivet DistilleryGlenfiddichGlen Grant Distillery and The Macallan Distillers.

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