The Viognier grape

by Marta Burgués

The Viognier grape is a type of white grape of unknown origin, but is presumed to have French origin by its use in these lands. Perhaps its most important characteristic is its difficult cultivation, a fact which makes it more valuable and protagonist only of great wines, especially the Condrieu French wine from the Rhone Valley.

History of Viognier grape

As we said the Viognier grape is of unknown origin; perhaps the starting point of its history is the Rhone Valley, but it is also said it came from Dalmatia (now Croatia) and was brought to French territory by the Romans, specifically the Emperor Probus (281 AD), who is also credited by bringing the Syrah grape.

Nowadays Viognier grape -after having been close to extinction in 1965- has become one of the most precious grapes of the Rhone Valley. We can also find it today in Spain, United States -especially in California-, Australia, Chile and Argentina.

Viognier wines

The wines made from Viognier are very fine and select. Their floral and fruity aromas are one of their main features. We emphasize that the elaboration process of this wine is more complicated than a traditional wine, even is often consumed relatively young by fear that with aging comes some problem. Most Viognier wines usually have a maximum of 3 years of aging, although we must remark that we also find wines from this grape with more years of aging, but rarely exceeding 10 years, since after this time, they often lose their characteristic aromas and gain an unflattering acidity.

“Viognier strains are harvested in late October or early November.”

Its unique flavor and aroma make it a highly sought wine by experts. Its value per bottle is usually above other wines of similar elaboration and style. That’s why the Viognier grape is one of the most desirable.

“Currently the U.S. is the largest producer of Viognier wine, since the mild climate of California Valley is favorable for its difficult cultivation.”

Viognier wine pairing

Its unique flavor makes it a sophisticated wine, but also when pairing is often combined with sophisticated cuisines such as Thai and Peruvian, both high in spicy flavor which pairs beautifully with.

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