The top 10 odd ingredients to make beer with


Beer is one of the most storied alcoholic beverages worldwide, and is traditionally is elaborated from barley (or other grain), water, yeast and hops, although sometimes we can find varieties which, prior to fermentation, they add other products, such as fruits, syrups or juices, and even hops is replaced by other herbs or spices, which give their distinctive aroma and flavor to the resulting product. 

Currently, there are brewers that in addition to the traditional production, are dedicated to experiment with ingredients sometimes surprising, sometimes directly shocking. Here we present a ‘Top 10’ with the most incredible aromas applied to brewing. We would like to try some of them, no doubt; we’ll leave the others for the more daring: 

In tenth place we find the Sprecher Mbege Ale, made with bananas, something apparently common in East Africa. At number nine, a relatively well-known variety, the Cannabia, a traditional Pilsner with organic hemp added, which does not pose any health hazard (provided you drink in moderation, as all beers). 

At the eighth place in the ranking is the Browerij Smisje Wostyntje Mustard Ale, a Belgian beer with mustard seeds; the seventh, for another spicy variety, but this time with aromas of Indian curry, the Barley tikka vindaloo; and at the sixth, and starting with impossible flavors, the Mamma Mia’s Pizza Beer, literally created introducing in the mix during fermentation a pizza margarita

At number five, we find the Oyster Stout, elaborated with fresh oysters and, according to experts, very balanced and smooth. The one which ranks fourth (Lost Abbey’s Gift of the Magi) probably should be included in any Epiphany celebration menu, because it is made with gold, frankincense and myrrh

On the podium of honor we find three beers suitable only for adventurous palates: a beer from Rogue Ales Brewery Company elaborated with yeast from the beard of one of their technicians (they say it is a first class beer); another, manufactured by Danish brewer Mikkeler, whose main ingredient are coffee beans passed through the digestive system of a kind of civet from Asia; and occupying the number one, the American Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout, made -no kidding!- with bull testicles. A delight. 

Are you a bold beer taster? Or would you rather buy beer more “traditional”? Today we recommend two:

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Salitos Tequila



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Chimay Red

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