The sweets, protagonists of afterlunch

by Marta Burgués


In days of festivities, comings and goings to see friends and family… yes, and also of bingeing. Even if you are on a diet and want to keep the line, it is impossible not to try the typical sweets, which offer taste and tradition.

We are going to whet your appetite with these surprising proposals that surely will abound at the tables of this 2013. The nougat will be definitely everywhere you go. And otherwise you can try different varieties thanks to the new individual portions of nougat, also a great idea to share.

After the turkey, chicken or meat, we’ll delight the palate with rich artisan polvorones and mantecados, a tradition not to be missed which allows you choosing the one you like most.

If you go to someone’s house as a guest, you will make a success if you give Belgian chocolates to the hosts. 20 delicious and fine chocolates with infinite flavor that surely everybody will like. Additionally, chocolate is delicious with red or sweet wines to be served this holiday season.

From Spanish traditions, we open borders and move to Italy. The panettone is the typical sweet for the season in this country and gradually also introduced elsewhere. This cake made with flour, eggs, sugar, raisins… is very tender and other ingredients are added, such as chocolate, tiramisù and other fruits making it even more delicious.

The roscos de vino and truffles are mixed with marzipan, which are another traditional sweet. Always handmade, often form the basis for creating all sorts of cakes throughout the year. Take note, but eat in moderation!

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Cantuccini Tradizionali Alla Mandorla 250g, a great italian sweet for all time



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Cookies with Chocolate to Cook 450g, funny and tasty!

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