The Summer of Riesling

by Alberto Martínez

Vinos riesling

Riesling wines are becoming more demanded, and they are perfect for any occasion, because they can produce excellent wines to consume both summer (fresh) and winter (sweets). From the non-French or Spanish grapes is possibly the most famous and widespread. It does not require excessive care, is very resistant both to cold and heat and you can get so many different nuances from the rest of white grapes.

Today we will try to learn more about the Riesling, Will you join us?

Riesling is a grape variety that comes from Germany. It is the principal variety in this country, because is one of the breeds best adapted to the cold winters. In the region of Mosel-Saar-Ruwer you can see entire fields dedicated to the Riesling grape, as well as on the river shore in the area.

The main advantage of the Riesling is that the fruit has an acidity and sweetness quite high, so the wines made from this variety have a high potential for aging. The vine ripens late, so the harvest is extended, in some cases until October or November in warm climates, but resists very well the cold autumn, so the harvest does not usually give any last minute problems. 

Yields per plant are fairly low without reaching those of the Pinot Noir, but quite far from other more successful as our Airen. But the best undoubtedly is the quality of the wines made with Riesling.

The Riesling is cultivated, as well as in Germany, in Austria, to produce the famous ice wines in Alsace, from where magnificent white wines are produced and you can also find them in northern Italy and Spain (Oltrepo Pavese, Penedes, Somontano,…).

In the rest of the world, we can still find amazing wines from Riesling grapes in California, New Zealand and Australia, with different nuances to Europeans; these are much more potent and less fleshy and aromatic wines, due mainly to the difference in climate.

Aside from sweet Riesling wines more favorable for a winter evening by the fireplace, on this occasion, I will recommend 3 Riesling wines you can enjoy in a terrace during the summer:

Bestheim Riesling Reserve 2009: very refreshing wine with aromas of lemon and grapefruit primarily (citrus). Not with a long aftertaste, just enough to leave a nice feeling, a great Riesling wine -from Alsace.

Weinhaus Barzen Austese – “Old Vines” 2006: A great German from the, Mosel area, from old vines. This is a wine that can age even more in the bottle or just be consumed now. Along with the fruit flavors it has fresh and complex mineral hints. Best taken in good company.

Spanish White Guerrilla Riesling 2010: VT Valles de Sadacia is a Rioja origin that covers only white wines, some are magnificent as this Spanish Guerrilla White from the 2009, a fresh wine with a perfect acidity, aromatic and just great for summer.

Which Riesling wine is your favourite? Would you suggest one to us?

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