The scarcity of blue agave is having consequences in the production of tequila

by unshel

About 15 years ago, the production of tequila entered a crisis due to the worldwide exploitation of this drink, and the little supply of blue agave that existed in Mexico to provide the whole globe with agave.This was causing the price of the plant to rise to stratospheric prices. Today, it seems that history repeats itself.

Tequila is strictly regulated by the Tequila Regulatory Council which imposes the laws and rules on this beverage and its preparation. These standards stipulate that only the blue agave can be used to create the beverage and nothing else. For its part, agave is a plant that has hundreds of types available but the fact that only blue is allowed to make tequila is a problem that is putting the world market at risk.

And, unlike other fruits or plants that are given annually, a blue agave plant takes approximately 8 to 9 years to grow, mature and be ready to create bottles of tequila. The standard formula for producing 1 litre of tequila used to be 6 kilos of blue agave and today it may take up to 10 to generate the same result.

It is expected that within the next 3 years many brands and small tequila houses will disappear from the shelves of the liquor stores because of this problem. And the largest companies in the industry will pay what they have to pay to keep their famous brands available to all. Farmers are selling everything and as soon as their inventories reach zero, it’s over … not many will want to re-plant and wait 8 years for the next crop and sell it with the uncertain price.

According to The Drinks Business, the tequila crisis is real and there can be a shortage of this precious liquor.

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