The quality of Rioja wines, a debate

by danielacaruso

According to the affirmations of many wine-growers”,  Rioja, which is one of the most important wine regions of Spain, is becoming more polarized in what is concerning the quality of their wines.  “The region has become more divided. On the one hand, in the extreme south they produce wine in big quantities, while in other parts they focus more on good quality rather than on quantity.

There are wine-growers that damage the image of the Rioja wine when they place Gran Reserve wines at the market at the price of only 8 pounds (12 euros)”,  Jesús Madrazo, head of Viñedos del Continuo, told Uvinum during his last visit to London.

According to this experienced oenologist, the future of Rioja wine may depend on a new generation of oenologists that will pay special attention to the soul for incrementing the quality of their wines: “The majority of wines is produced in small family-owned companies that wish to learn a lot about the soul and its components and how to get the best out of them without lacking the respect it deserves.

“The division of Rioja is due to 2 different perspectives regarding the wine and has negative influences on the region on a market which is already complex nowadays. Apart from this fact, Madrazo recognized that these divisions do not always occur and that big producers as “Bodegas Muga, Cune (CVNE) and Viña Tondonia – Bodegas López de Heredia produce wines of great quality mentioning CVNE as a good example because they produce 300.000 bottles of Imperialwine a year, whose quality remained excellent despite the large scale production.

Regardless of the division of Rioja, Madrazo considers that there will be a reconsideration of the terrain in future: “The chalky clay souls of Rioja Alavesa have effects on the wine, they profit from the mediterranean climate and also from the influence of the atlantic ocean, which differentiates it from the other 2 sub-regions.

“Now we have to wait to see what the future of Rioja wine will be like, in terms of quality as well as  concerning its position on an international market compared to other options that are available to the consumers and lovers of good wine.

“Do you want to try Rioja at a good price? Today we recommend you two basics you should have in your wine cellar.

 TAGS:Murua Reserva 2004Murua Reserva 2004

Murua Reserva 2004, a perfect option for dinner.

 TAGS:Remelluri Reserva 2007Remelluri Reserva 2007

Remelluri Reserva 2007, good quality price relation.

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