The New Year’s Eve dinner, better with wine

by Arnaldo Alcón Cánovas

This is the time for great meals, and 2 new studies conclude that the best drink to pair them is wine, not only to improve digestion, but also to avoid having to make more holes on your belt.

The first study comes from the University of Navarra, and is part of the SUN project (Monitoring of the University of Navarra), which intends to follow the habits of thousands of people to find healthy norms of behavior.

They found that drinkers of beer and spirits tend to gain weight, gaining an average of 120 grams each year, while wine drinkers showed no weight gain. “There was no apparent association between wine consumption and weight change per year, or the risk of developing obesity,” wrote the authors of the study, scheduled for publication in a forthcoming issue of the medical journal “Nutrition.”

Further, and about heavy meals, in a study of the University Hospital of Zurich, published by the British Medical Journal concluded that drinking white wine with heavy meals like red meat and cheese fondue, despite having a longer digestion, was not accompanied by the discomfort associated by acidity and heartburn.

Red meat with cheese fondue is a dish typical of the area of Zurich, where the hospital that conducted the study is placed. That is usually accompanied by black tea or white wine, and the interest grew on knowing which of the 2 drinks would be healthier with this meal, because until then everyone had an opinion, but none was substantiated.

Following this study, we concluded that the digestion carried out by those who had accompanied this dish with white wine were those who had slower digestion, more efficient and with fewer problems.

And already in the Middle Age the benefits of drinking, but in moderation, with the meals where known. As the maxima says:

Inter prandendum parumque bibendum sit SAEP: While you eat, you must drink regularly and frugally.

Will you ignore it? What wine will accompany your New Year’s Eve dinner?

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