The new fashion in natural wines: wild vines

by Marta Burgués

The cultivation of wild vines is emerging as the real way to get natural crops and organic wines, according to grape geneticist Jose Vouillamoz, who denies that vines growing from seeds may be natural.

Meanwhile, Frank Cornelissen says that vines grown from seeds may be more resistant to several diseases, to which Vouillamoz responded that these vines from seeds are less resistant to disease than the wild vines that he vehemently promotes.

Cornelissen, during the MW symposium in May in Florence, said he had planted an ?experimental vineyard? on the slopes of Etna, containing vines that grow only from seeds, and also said he was hoping ?to develop varieties which resist the attacks of new diseases?.

But Vouillamoz, who was also a speaker at the MW symposium, quickly refuted the feasibility of this approach, saying that this experimental vineyard system can produce more vulnerable vines. ?I have a concern with this; seeds are the result of fertilization, so if it were a Nerello Mascalese vine then they will change their identity, they would not be Nerello Mascalese anymore?. Vouillamoz’s words denote concern about the loss of the essence of the vines.

Continuing its reasoning, he said, ?But the production is mainly the result of self-fertilization, so the result is much less resistant, and very prone to several diseases?. Vouillamoz added that he had already shared their views with the renowned Californian winemaker Randall Grahm, which is also awaiting the seed vine harvest for his property Bonny Doon.

Despite this, Vouillamoz said that the goal of Grahm was different, because he wants to use the seed vines grown as rootstocks and these are less dependent on irrigation. He also told MW symposium attendees that the older age of grape cultivation, the higher the number of clones.

Then we see as the future of grape vines can be really differentiated regarding production methods and how they affect their vulnerability or strength against disease, giving more or less effective results to the goals of producers.

Do you think that wild vines give more authentic wines? Or is it just a trend? Today we recommend two organic wines for you to appreciate the differences:

 TAGS:Puro Malbec Corte Bio 2012Puro Malbec Corte Bio 2012

Puro Malbec Corte Bio 2012

 TAGS:Porto J.W. Hart Réserve Ruby Bio RougePorto J.W. Hart Réserve Ruby Bio Rouge

Porto J.W. Hart Réserve Ruby Bio Rouge

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