The Italian spumante, a competition of cava in UK

by Marta Burgués

While the cava has achieved a spectacular growth in export volume, thanks to the promotional efforts of their national producers among many other factors, we cannot forget the work that remains to be done to achieve its definitive establishment as a global ?brand?, a still pending issue, although the path that has been traveled has promising perspectives in this regard.

However, there are products such as the Italian prosecco that, unlike the French champagne, appear to represent a serious competitive threat to the advancement of our sparkling wines, as revealed by a recently published report elaborated by Rabobank, and focused on the latest trends in the world of wine.

According to this study, the Italian sparkling wine exports to the UK rose a spectacular 40.2% in 2013 over the previous year. One of its authors, Stephen Rannekleiv stresses that, as happened in the U.S. during recent years, the prosecco has become an everyday product, consumed in informal celebrations and an ?affordable luxury? for the British consumers.

The funny thing is that, contrary to what you might think, the Italian and Spanish sparkling wines are not ?stealing? market share to the French ones, which are usually reserved for special occasions and are holding pretty well the verve of the ?newcomers?, keeping in the minds of British consumers much of its traditional image.

No doubt, the decisive factor in the rise of these wines is the price, which has made its consumption spread as a drink of an almost daily consumption, in a similar manner to that we associate here with opening a bottle of wine for an informal meeting with friends or even for lunch or dinner on a weekday.

In fact, for the first time prosecco sales have surpassed champagne with 307 million bottles exported worldwide, while the French producers exported only 304 million bottles.

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