The Irish Whiskey

by Alberto Martínez

Whisky de Irlanda

The Irish whisky is called “whiskey“, just as Americans do with their bourbon. This whiskey is made from barley and is characterized by a triple distillation, a fact that makes it a smoother and delicate drink, compared to others of the same class. This whiskey is the most consumed in this country, Ireland, although in recent years the exportation has grown significantly.

“The word Whisky in Irish Gaelic means “uisge beatha” which translates as “water of life” and it is currently known as Whiskey.”

Elaboration of the Irish Whiskey

The Irish Whiskey has a big difference compared to others whiskeys in its production, mainly. This whiskey is made of the must obtained from some cereals such as wheat, oats, rye, being barley the main or the ingredient most used in the preparation, either malted or not.

Although it suffers some variations in its ingredients in comparison to other whiskeys, the preparation is very similar. First of all, there is a selection of cereal grains to be used and immediately proceed to mix the grain, to go to soaking them in a process called hydration and then they are submitted to their own germination, this process derives in the transformation of starch into insoluble sugar grains.

After these initial processes the grinding of grains takes place, except for the whiskey that is going to be malt, from this it is obtained a kind of pasta, which goes to fermentation for 72 hours. The result of this process is distilled three times and passed to aging or aging in oak barrels. Already in oak barrels tend to spend about 7 years or more. (4 years more of what a Scotch whiskey is aged.).

To begin our adventure with Irish whiskey, let’s start with some brands that should not be overlooked. Let’s start with Jameson, this is perhaps one of the Irish whiskeys with more history and tradition, it has been produced since 1780, today is the world’s best-selling.

Among the most notably: 

 TAGS:whiskeyJameson Vintage Reserve

One of the best reserve of the brand.

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 TAGS:whiskeyWhisky Connemara Cask Strength

Great, with the powerful aromas of the cask, intense and savory.

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Which one do you prefer? Would you suggest us a different one?

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