The gin & tonic and its pairing

by Marta Burgués

 - From tapas we pass to dishes and its tasting, then the art kitchen with new and impossible flavours and now everyone offers flavored gin & tonics with their pairing.

Yes, the tasting of gin and tonics is fashionable nowadays and not only in bars and restaurants, but at numerous gin and tonic tastings with their respective pairings to enjoy a full evening. We’ve seen it at events like Madrid Fusion and restaurants of top chefs like Elena Arzak.

An example to pair perfectly the gin and tonic are hamburgers. Nobody would say it before, but now this trend coming from United States joins the tasting of burgers with gins of various types and brands.

And, if we go out for tapas, the coolest bars opt for botanical ingredients and fruit flavours mixed with the most reputable gins, paired with Parmesan cheese and aubergine cakes and anchovies.

As we see there is something for everyone. Today we can also share the gin and tonic for dessert, so we can taste the first and second course with a good red Rioja and leave the gin tonic for sweet tooth dishes such as cheesecake, chocolate coulant or yogurt with berries.

But there are those who prefer to taste the gin and tonic for the entire lunch or dinner, to try new flavors. In this case, the drink goes perfectly with savory dishes such as razor clams, clams or mussels, rice with mushrooms and fish such as hake or cod.

The secret is to mix sweet and salty flavors with the bitterness of the gin and tonic, and all kinds of ingredients that we can taste as appetizers with gin & tonic with fruits, spices… and special tonics with lavender or cardamom.

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