The drinks of Sex and the City

by danielacaruso

There was  a time when I was waiting for the adventures of Carrie&Co on the television set with excitement the whole week.  Have you gone through this as well?..Come on, admit your addiction..

From Downtown to Manhattan, the protagonists didn’t leave out just one singular hotspot or fashionable bar. It doesn’t matter if they were shot in trendy street coffee shops or singular bars as the Bed Club, where you lie on beds and drink and eat, we all remember the scenes that made us so jealous in every episode. And honestly who wouldn’t like to party as Carrie and her friends just once in her life?

As it happened with Carrie’s favourite high-heels, the Manolo Blahniks, there are cocktails that became famous thanks to the series.

Who doesn’t remember the long nights of the four friends during which everything revolved about one thing… the Cosmopolitan, the queen of the cocktails and Carrie’s favourite drink. In the typical New York City Style and with a cute glass in their hand, the girls quickly became the queens of each dancefloor.

But no reason to bother..There are plenty of things you can do in your free time that come close to the activities of the series stars. Although you might not live in such a cool city as New York, it doesn’t mean you have to renounce to a party in pure Sex and the City Style. No matter if you are the vintage type as Carrie, if you prefer tight leather dresses as Samantha or you love to dress like a school girl, with the right drink in your hands, every party becomes a hit.

You always have the possibility to prepare those drinks at home. Let’s start with the Cosmopolitan:



2 cl Cranberry juice

2 cl Vodka

1 cl Lime juice

1 cl Orange liquor


Put some crushed ice in a frozen martini glass, introduce the cocktail’s ingredients and mix for a short while. Decorate the glass with a slice of lime or orange.

Manolo – Tonic Martini:


2 cl Pomegranate liquor

1 cl Lemon Vodka

1 small drop Pineapple juice

1 small drop Cointreau

1 small drop Tonic Water


Mix all the ingredients except the tonic water with 4 ice cubes in the mixer. Place a martini glass in the freezer chest, then take it out and pour the drink inside. Add one shot of cool tonic water and it will be ready for drinking!

You don’t know the Manolo- Tonic Martini yet? It is THE cocktail of the first Sex and the City Movie and it is just so amazing that you absolutely have to try it….



4 cl Whiskey

2 cl Angostura bitters

2 small drops of  red Wermut


Mix all the ingredients with 3 or 4 ice cubes, mix them and pour them into a tumbler through a  sieve. Serve with a maraschino cherry and you will soon feel as if you were in New York’s most expensive district.

Try out these vodka types that are suitable for every occasion.

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