The Denver Cat Bar: the only place you can have a good glass of wine and fun with cats


Yes, you read it right, cats drinking wine in a bar could be a real thing, at least if you live in the United States. This fashion trend has grown a lot in recent years, you can easily proof that just by looking for entertainment guides for major cities worldwide. From ice bars, children bars to pet bars or even celiac oriented bars.

But what we had not seen so far was a bar completely inhabited by cats, something that a group of cat-lovers from Denver, Colorado (USA) has been proposing through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The Denver Cat Bar, how this group is intending to call this establishment, would combine cats and wine in an environment where customers could interacting with cats rescued from abandonment or street life while enjoying a glass of their favorite beverage.

Thus, those who cannot enjoy the company of these elegant and curious animals at home, by the fact of living in rent (in the United States is quite common that landlords do not allow pet ownership to their tenants), will have at least one place do so while sipping a glass of delicious wine. The bar would also have an area for eating and drinking, but customers can take their drink to the “cat room” if they wish.

The promoters of the establishment intend to raise the not inconsiderable sum of $ 60,000, and they have already won the support of hundreds of small investors, who according to the amount contributed may include your name on one of the walls of the room, place your favorite photo with your pet in The Denver Cat Bar, one night for two with appetizers and drinks on the house or even be appointed official friend of the bar and get a lot more of additional rewards.

It will be nice to bring up these ideas here, wouldn’t be?

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