The Bronx Cocktail

by lucasblanes

Fresh and ideal for multiple occasions, the Bronx cocktail is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Its ingredients are known by everyone and it is easy to prepare, so it becomes a perfect combo when we have guests and want to surprise them.

Bronx Cocktail Ingredients

  • 3cl of English gin
  • 1cl of dry vermouth
  • 1.5 cl of Red Vermouth
  • 1.5 cl of orange juice

Basically, it takes the same ingredients as a Martini, but here the orange juice is introduced, which adds a sweet taste to the dry Martini. Ideal for those who want the gin without giving up a sweeter and refreshing touch.

The Bronx origins are unclear, as with other cocktails. Some sources clearly point New York, while others think it?s from somewhere else. For example, some attribute it to Joseph S. Sormani, a restaurant owner of a restaurant in the Bronx, who invented or discovered it.

Some versions suggest that the origin is a bartender of the skyscrapers city which produced a somewhat different combination because a customer so requested so. In that case, the name would come from the zoo city name, Bronx. The Bronx was very popular in the twentieth century and it was really highly demanded in the United States.
Preparation of the Bronx Cocktail

It is made like the Martini. Pour ice in a shaker, then add the gin, the dry vermouth, red vermouth and orange juice and shake. Subsequently, serve in a cocktail glass as the Martini. We can decorate it with a slice of orange and ready!

It is a cocktail that is usually taken as an aperitif before meals or dinners or evening quietly, in the evening.

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