The Brain-Duster cocktail

by Marta Burgués

The Brain-Duster is a cocktail made from absinthe, whisky, vermouth and Angostura bitters, named by George J. Kappeler in 1895.

The Brain-Duster is served in a cocktail glass and it looks milky, with a faint greenish color due to the presence of absinthe, the most recommended brand to make it.

Brain Duster ingredients:

For the preparation of Brain-duster:

Mix all ingredients together with a portion of crushed ice and proceed straining and pouring them into a cocktail glass.

Some people choose Pastis or Pernod to replace absinthe, which is not highly advisable to use, but those who do it say it should be 100 degrees for better efficiency, while others prefer bourbon. There are even variants of Brain Duster including gum syrup.

Absinthe, produced from Artemisia Absinthium, and known to all as ?the Green Fairy?, has an aniseed flavor that brings personality to the brain-duster. It was sold as a medicinal drink in pharmacies at first, then brought certain disputes and is currently a drink with history and mysticism that can be incorporated into cocktails like this.

As for the Angostura bitters, is used in different cocktails like the brain-duster and also in the kitchen. Initially used to treat stomach aches, it is currently an ally to strengthen the flavors of cocktails like mojito and Cuba libre.

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