The Boom in Mindful Drinking and NoLo Drinks

by Concha Hierro
NoLo drinks and mindful drinking

mindful drinking and nolo drinks

It’s official. NoLo (no or low alcohol) drinks are becoming increasingly popular. Consultancy IWSR forecasts global growth of 34% in the NoLo category by 2024. The Drinks Business, a publication specialising in the beverages sector, also provides data on this upward trend. At the end of 2021, it revealed that sales of non-alcoholic spirits in the UK increased by 91-106% in supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s that year – 24% more than in 2020.

A global movement with roots in the UK

The “mindful drinking” movement was born just a few years ago in the UK. Initiatives such as Club Soda, which emerged in 2015, now has a community of more than 15,000 people around the world who are working to improve their drinking habits.

In 2017, the Scottish writer and journalist Rosamund Dean published the book Mindful drinking: How Cutting Down Can Change Your Life, with which she aims to help people introduce responsible drinking habits into their lives.

Other initiatives that have emerged in this context include Dry January, a public health campaign that emerged in 2014 – also in the United Kingdom. The aim of Dry January is to abstain from alcohol consumption throughout the month of January, after the excesses of Christmas – a trend that’s spreading around the globe.

In Spain, you can find brands such as those of the Bacardi group, which already offers alcohol-free versions of its white and red martinis: Vibrante (white) and Floreale (white), the Diageo group’s gin Tanqueray Alcohol-Free, and others such as Botica and Hellow.

Major drinks groups such as Pernod Ricard also launched new ‘light’ versions of their spirits on the Spanish market last year. Gin, whisky and cream liqueur brands Beefeater, Ballantine’s and Ruavieja Cremosa are now also available at half the alcohol content (and half the calories).

The first alcohol-free speakeasy

In this context of the boom in the consumption of NoLo drinks, the first alcohol-free pop-up bar has sprung up in Paris. Born in the heart of the Drinks&Co concept store in the French capital, the bar is offering cocktails based on non-alcoholic spirits, in collaboration with the Australian brand Lyre’s, one of the leading brands in this category on a global level.

The Extraordinary Bar“, the first initiative of its kind in Paris, opened its doors on 17 January. For one week – until Saturday 22 January at midnight – it’s offering an around-the-world adventure exploring the universe of non-alcoholic drinks.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be in Paris to enjoy alcohol-free spirits. Drinks&Co stocks a massive selection of non-alcoholic spirits from brands such as Seedlip, Lyre’s, Everleaf, Ceder’s, Caleño, Crossip, and No Sin Gin.

Translated and adapted by Chelsea Cummings from Concha Hierro’s original Spanish article: El boom del ‘mindful drinking’ y las bebidas ‘nolo’.

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