The Blended Scotch Whisky

 TAGS:The Blended Scotch Whisky is the result of combined experience and adventure, savoir faire and risk, but as things done conscientiously always go well today, just over one hundred and fifty years after its origin, this whisky is the standard of Scottish expansion.

This distillate has many more friends than its predecessor, the single malt one, which has been called a snob or too smoky too often, but which also has legions of exquisite followers.

It is true that in the end everyone has to pass the same test, when you are alone, you take your favorite chair, sit down and start savoring the feeling that it gets to transmit to you, to admire its color and to let yourself be intoxicated by its familiar aroma. This same subjectivity is the driver to designers for creating the wide variety of mixtures that can be found on the market today. Blended Scotch Whisky is almost alchemy, and it is pure magic of an art, it is for sure a culture.

Generally, percentages are usually close to 40% malt and 60% grain (wheat or corn), but everything can change. For example the De Luxe Blended presents opposite proportions. But all is not in the amounts, but the aging of each part plays a decisive role in the palate. The same applies to qualities, as expected.

The Blended Scotch Whisky is a unique product, has character and is independent. Those who drink it already know it and those who have not tried it yet should be seduced by its personality and its rebelliousness.

The Famous Grouse is the perfect choice in Blended Scotch and will pass the test. Its complex taste takes you back to the Highlands and perhaps this realism into the mix, which Matthew Gloag & Son kept top secret, is the key to success that has led the distillate to travel more than a hundred countries.

We cannot talk about Blended Scotch Whisky without mentioning Ballantine’s. Its golden color makes us rock us in the notes of honey that we capture while tasting it. Its openness and its quiet elegance are, together with its reasonable price, some of the key factors that drive us to recommend it both to drink it alone or in good company and in almost any occasion.

 TAGS:The Famous GrouseThe Famous Grouse

A real best-seller, you can find The Famous Gouse all over the world.

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Soft, elegant, heather and honey notes with a hint of spice. Great whisky

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