The bitter: a perfect complement for your cocktail parties

by sarahrichardier

The bitter is the ingredient that one must have in order to prepare cocktails with personality. It is also called bitters and is easily recognized for its outstanding properties and its bitter taste. It brings a very special fragrance to our drinks. Once you try it you will never prepare home cocktails without it.

The bitter was first considered as an alternative medicine, then as a digestive and finally as a special ingredient to combine with our favorite cocktails. The origin of its popular name is German and is made from herbs, ginger, pepper, lemon and gentian, among others.

Bitter generally has an alcohol percentage of 45 by volume. It lasts very long in our minibars because it is only added in small proportions with a dropper to beverages. Because of its bitter taste, it only is an ingredient for mixing with others, never to drink it on the rock or dry.

There are lots of bitters, which bring different scents and flavors, including chocolate, which is ideal for the most demanding palates. Some people consider several spirits as bitters such as Campari, the Aperol and Averna, despite being made in different ways. The Aperol was created in 1919, based on bitter oranges, gentian and rhubarb, as well as other plants and is used to prepare Aperol Spritz, another delicious cocktail.

Some of the best known bitter brands worldwide are Angostura bitter, which comes in different forms and is produced in Trinidad. The Bitter Truth is a German brand with varied flavors and aromas and the Fee Brothers bitters is produced in New York. Previously the bitter was used to develop the Italian vermouth Martini Rossi with a characteristic pinkish, served in shot glasses.

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