The Bitcoins enter the world of wine

by lucasblanes

In New Zealand, a winery started to accept payments online with Bitcoin (the first in the Southern Hemisphere). This was a decision made to facilitate transactions for international clients.

The Rollingdale winery, located in British Columbia of Canada, has been negotiating with Bitcoins from February, opening a new chapter for North America.

Mondo Cellars in California has not lagged behind, accepting the Bitcoin as a mode of payment to finance its operations.

Another winery that produces red wines from California, Piramid Valley, began to receive Bitcoins on December 9, 2013, for online purchases. Caine Thompson, the director general of the Piramid Valley, said :

“It’s exciting times we live in and bitcoin is a movement that is gaining huge international traction as a currency that is borderless. We’re increasingly getting requests from our international customers to be able to pay with bitcoin, particularly for our exclusive Home Collection wines. They don’t want to be worried about exchange rates and costly transaction fees.”

Also Caine Thompson added:

“We continually challenge the status quo, push boundaries and the current paradigm. When this disruptive innovation is at the core of your culture, it makes for one incredibly exciting company with freedom.”

While the Bitcoin market strengthens in the online cellars and beverage stores, giving the opportunity to customers to buy worldwide and get what they want, this is emerging as a radical change in the history of payment systems in the best sense.

Can you imagine buy the Psi 2010 in bitcoins, for example? What wine would you buy? Today we recommend :

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