The Best Wine To Pair With Fish

by Marta Burgués

Fish is one of the best foods for the body. Nourishing, healthy for the heart and with the vitamins and minerals needed to be well. As it should be consumed all year, it goes well with some drinks, such as wine.

White wine

This wine is perfectly suitable for fish. In fact, it is usually consumed with paellas, seafood and whitefish. For whitefish, precisely, with albariño or sauvignon blanc wines. The fruity, fresh and aromatic white wines are the best as well as the Verdejo. Muscat grapes are also highly prized in the kitchen, especially in all kinds of fish.

Rosé wines

Along with white wine, rosé is another perfect choice when we eat fish, both whitefish and oily fish. For example, cod or salmon can be combined with powerful rosé wines. As we will also choose mullets when we want a good rosé wine.

Red wines

Yes, red wines are also suitable for fish. Especially for oily fish and raw tuna, young red wines are recommended. If they have a fruity taste, much better. Smoked fish are also a good match for red wines, by enhancing the flavour of this type of fish.

Wines for seafood

Mention aside are the wines that are suitable for seafood. For example, oysters match well with white and sparkling wines, especially dry cava. Crustaceans can be paired with slightly more acidic wines.

On the other hand, octopus dishes need a more powerful wine, such as red wine. In recent times, the pairing of wine and fish is having a good acceptance among wine lovers. It is not always known which wine is good for each fish.

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