The best whisky, 2011


The Whisky Magazine has published the results of their contest ?World Whiskies Awards? in which the best whisky is select each year.

This year the whiskies who have stood out have been the Japanese, who have won most of the awards. The quality and patience in the development of these distilled by the Japanese distillers has made that, year after year have consolidated them as a reference in the world of whisky, extreme softness and complexity.

Another cause to be point out as determinant in being considered the best is the right value for money.

Most awarded whiskeys take part of limited editions, so they?re really hard to get. However, the distilleries that produced them are most well known, and take advantage of the reward of their “Top Whiskies” to distinguish themselves as a brand.

In addition, one of the most interesting is the award referred to whiskey liquors- won by the famous house liqueur Drambuie, who has spent years combining innovation and tradition, taking the whiskey base, to get the most interesting liquors.

Here are the prizes for the best whiskeys in the world that have been distributed this year:

  • Best Single Malt Whisky of the World: 1984 Yamazaki
  • Best Blended Whisky of the World: Suntory Hibiki 21 Years Old
  • World Best Malt Blend: Nikka Pure Malt 21 Years Taketsuru Old
  • Best Grain Whisky of the World: 15 Years Old Greenore
  • Better World Whisky Liqueur, Drambuie The Royal Legacy of1745

These awards are extended to these other whiskeys,disaggregated by categories and sources:

  • Best Malt Scotch Blend: Berry Bros. & Rudd Blue Hanger 4thLimited Release
  • Best Blended Irish Whiskey: Tullamore Dew 12 years old Special Reserve
  • Best Japanese Blended Whisky: Suntory Hibiki 21 Years Old
  • Blended Whisky Best of the Rest of the World: Three shipsbourbon cask finish
  • Blended Scotch Whisky Best: Hankey Bannister 40 years old
  • Best Grain Whisky: The Snow GrouseFamous Grouse.
  • Best Blended Whisky Canada: Wiser’s Legacy
  • Best American Bourbon: Parker’s Heritage Collection 10 YearOld Cask Strength Bourbon Wheater
  • Best American Whiskey Bourbon no: Thomas H. Handy SazeracRye
  • Best Single Malt Whisky from Campbeltown (Scotland):Springbank 12 Years Old
  • Best Single Malt Whisky Highland (Scotland): GlenmorangieSignet
  • Best Single Malt Whisky Islay (Scotland): Bowmore Tempest
  • Best Single Malt Whisky from the Islands, excluding Islay (Scotland): Highland Park 25 Years Old
  • Best Single Malt Speyside Whisky (Scotland) Glenfarclas 40 years old
  • Best Single Malt Whisky Lowland (Scotland) Matured SherryAuchentoshan 1998
  • Best Single Malt Irish Whiskey: Bushmills 16 Years Old
  • Best Single Malt Whisky Japan: Yamazaki 1984
  • Best Single Malt Whisky from the rest of the World: Sherry CaskStrength Solis Kavalan
  • Best Whisky distilled in Pot Still Irish: Redbreast 12 years old
  • Best Whisky Liqueur, Drambuie The Royal Legacy of 1745

Want to try some of the awarded whiskeys? In Uvinum we put them at your disposal:

 TAGS:Highland Park 25 YearsHighland Park 25 Years

Selected as the Best Single Malt Whisky, of all the islands of Scotland, excluding Islay.

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 TAGS:Glenmorangie SignetGlenmorangie Signet

Best Single Malt Whisky from the Highlands.

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