The best value for money wine from Ribera del Duero

 TAGS:Pruno 2010, Pruno 2011, Pruno 2008. Parker already said it. It seems that, by now, the Ribera del Duero continues its rise and it increasingly becomes more famous for its wines outside Spain. Before the Rioja wines were the most know ones from our country but it seems that little by little they are sharing followers with the Ribera del Duero ones. And, even more, when the issue of quality – price relation goes in between.

In this case, in the case of Pruno, Parker commentaries have given to it an important boost. It benefits the cellar, but also it does to the whole region. And the search begins for the wine that Parker liked so much, that one which besides being such a good wine is cheap and usually cost less than 8 pounds.

How difficult is to talk about price-quality. When you are unlucky and you also get a bad recommendation then you get mediocre wines, but yes, cheap. Because obviously, when you are in front of a closed bottle without knowing the winery, the grapes or the wine itself, the only objective thing that helps in the purchase decision is the price.

It is also usual when the opposite happens. We speak of an excellent wine. For example one of Ribera del Duero. But that one they suggest you has an exorbitant price. Sure, it’s a terrific wine. And you think, it must be, of course, almost ten Euros per drop …

But Pruno is really one of the best wines from Ribera del Duero in terms of value for money. One interesting fact about it is that it’s funny that the pampered by critics, of all the Ribera del Duero, is precisely one with a little quirky origin. Nothing less than Alava, because Finca Villacreces, the winery that produced it, belongs to the group Artevino.

Artevino offers Toro wine, Rioja and Ribera del Duero and its properties are located in Zamora, Álava and Valladolid.

But back to Finca Villacreces (Quintanilla deOnésimo), you should try and taste their other proposals: Nebro and Finca Villacreces, to see if you like them as much as Pruno, to continue giving verdicts on the quality and price of the wines of Ribera del Duero.

And speaking of money, as it is difficult to choose only one wine from this region, here are two more proposals:

 TAGS:Protos Roble 2011Protos Roble 2011

Protos Roble 2011



 TAGS:Vizcarra Senda del Oro 2011Vizcarra Senda del Oro 2011

Vizcarra Senda del Oro 2011

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