The best rum for your mojito

by Luis Bobadilla

Mojito cocktail is one of the most successful drink, and certainly the most famous of those made with rum. However, neither cocktails experts agree on ingredients: lemon or lime, white or brown sugar, mint or peppermint, sparkling water or tonic, and the list keeps going.

Not to mention the new variants of mojito with strawberry, coffee liqueur, chocolate, watermelon, and more… the possible combinations are almost endless, so how to choose the best rum for your mojito?

The first thing to think about is what kind of “feeling” are you trying to achieve with your mojito, do you want a refreshing mojito? A sweet one? Maybe sour taste? A hot drink? The ingredients and flavors mark the style of your mojito along with the type of rum you choose since it is the main ingredient. Here we suggest some rum references according to the taste of your cocktail:

Bitter Mojito: this is the kind of drink where strong aromas and flavors are dominant such as the tonic, lime or lemon peels or heavy liquors like tequila. These are the most original mojito because it is not the classical idea of mojito, is that touch of bitterness that makes it a much more refreshing combination. In this case, if you want to accentuate the bitter taste, you should use a very light white rum with aromas, such as Bacardi rum. Note that the rum is one of the sweetest spirits and that, therefore, any rum flavor could make your drink to lose its bitterness.

Sugar Mojito: these mojitos are obviously made out of sweet flavors and tastes, like syrup or mashed red fruit (from strawberry to pomegranates), chocolate, passion fruit, figs or even a splash of sweet cava. However, these drinks may result cloying if you prepare them with a sweet rum: in fact, they need a strong rum to keep its consistency. One of the best options is the Barceló, a very deep a nuanced rum.

Acid Mojito: the original mojito is an exceptional combination of the bitterness sparkling water or soda and the acidity of lime or lemon. It is fresh and fun. In the case of an acid mojito, you can change the sparkling water for regular water, or add chunks of pineapple, grapefruit, and other acidic tropical fruit. It is recommended to use in this case a sweet rum instead of using sugar. An ideal candidate is the Bacardi Limon, specially designed for such mixtures.

Spiced Mojito: this type of mojitos are highly valued in non-Hispanic countries, where the most famous rums are from the old –or actuals– English or French colonies, like Bermuda, Martinique or Jamaica. You can use pepper, juniper, ginger or coffee instead of mint and marinated citrus juices. In these cases, you should go with Captain Morgan rums that will for sure be your best friend to surprise your guests or beloved ones

These are just some of our suggestions, but if you are looking to enjoy a traditional mojito, here are 2 rum references to make an authentic one, enjoy!

 TAGS:Ron Barceló AñejoRon Barceló Añejo

Ron Barceló Añejo

 TAGS:Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold 1LCaptain Morgan Original Spiced Gold 1L

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold 1L

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