The best drinks for a corporate event

 TAGS:Many of you will be already fully at work. Now comes a new year full of exhibitions, events and company presentations. If you are organizing a corporate event, you must take into account what beverages will be served to make it a success.

If you are going to invite clients or partners overseas to this act, it’s essential to offer Spanish DO wine. We can make a selection of the best known, like Rioja, Priorat and Rias Baixas, three really significant Denominations of Origin from different places, with wines that are identified immediately.

In the tables, the reds will be mixed with whites, especially if it’s a day event, to reach as many palates as possible. Sweet wines are also recommended with desserts or even to break the routine.

It’s essential to serve water. Good to quench thirst or to refresh palates. But not just any water. Currently, the market offers gourmet waters, such as Finé (still water) or Ty Nant (carbonated), whose bubbles are great for passing the digestion quietly.

If we give away a small cocktail for our guests, we will choose something with gin, which will be combined with acidic and exotic fruit juices. It’s a good idea to have the figure of a bartender who will elaborate drinks at the moment. For events of this magnitude, always it’s best just to put some notes of gin.

Another recommendation is the tonic water. It likes many palates and also helps the digestion of the meal which we will also offer to our guests. Clear examples of tonic waters to succeed in these events are Abbondio, that cleverly combines a touch of lemon and sugar cane with the bitterness of quinine; or Original Mint, with hints of mint. Happy event!

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