The Benefits of Social Drinking

by Antonio Moschella

Drinking is a social act that has now become a ritual to do in good company. Some studies show that social drinkers have more friends and emotional support in various situations of life. Social drinking can have a great effect on people’s well-being since it is related to social activities such as laughter, singing and dancing, which strengthens our social ties.

In years, the link between alcohol and the release of endorphins has also been shown, which is particularly relevant. But, of course, alcohol must be enjoyed with moderation. In fact, the activation of endorphins not only makes us more relaxed but also might tune the immune system, as it would be a musical instrument.

Drinking is definitely a social connector because it provides two potential social benefits: first of all, because moderate alcohol consumption increases psychological well-being and also favours directly or indirectly the building of close personal and social ties.

The latest research has shown that moderate alcohol consumption can have beneficial effects on cognition, including social cognition. Of course, we have to point that a healthy attitude towards alcohol consumption has grown up recently to prevent the abuse. And this is also a positive example for family and friends.

Healthy advises:

  • Do not combine food and drinks with snacks, especially when you are out with friends.
  • Do not use a carbonated beverage instead of the water between each drink.
  • Drinking quality wine instead of cheap wine.
  • Do not drink alone.
  • Do not drink if you are thinking of driving or during work.

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