The aromas and flavours of gin

by Alberto Martínez


Sophisticated, traditional and modern at the same time. Gin is one of the best spirits to make cocktails with, since ever, and now producers are investigating to offer some different flavours.

Some botanical variations are used to develop curious flavours and Gin with unique personality, depending on the variety added. Its basic ingredients are juniper, barley and other cereal mixtures, to which we add herbs and some fruits that gives citrus aromas and wood flavours.

Today they add spices of oriental origin to break from the the common flavor and be able to pair it with all kinds of food and give a touch of “something different” to palates in search of new sensations.

In gin tasting those different herbs are usually combined to clearly note the difference. Some expensive are mixed with other more common and affordable. Very similar to wine tasting, we will consider the smell and gustative phase.


It explains the composition of each of the ingredients in each gin, its origins and history of the town where it is made. On the olfactory part , we will consider its deep base scents of flowers, fruits and herbs.


In terms of taste, it also depends on its composition, although the most traditional may have touches of juniper fruit, licorice, and a large set of plants that gives it that extra special touch to the palate. In contrast to wine tasting, we do not spit, but we will take a few sips leave them sit on the tongue and in the whole mouth to perceive each of the ingredients.

Our recommendations:

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Gin of the Mediterranean. With aromas of olive leaf, rosemary, basil … A superb gin.

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 TAGS:Tanqueray RangpurTanqueray Rangpur

The more fruity gin with lime as a protagonist.

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