The 5 Jack Daniel’s best sellers

by sarahrichardier

The Jack Daniel’s Distillery is one of the most famous (and controversial) distilleries in the world. Its flagship product, the Jack Daniel’s is still at the center of discussions as to whether it is a whiskey or bourbon. This controversy helped the famous brand of Tennessee to achieve its world-renowned. In your opinion, what are the Jack Daniel’s best sellers? products on Uvinum? Keep reading, you’ll be surprised…

The answer is simple: the bourbon must be made in Bourbon County, Kentucky, while Jack Daniel’s is made in Lynchburg, Tennessee. In addition, the bourbon is distilled once while Jacky is distilled two times.

So Jack Daniel’s is not bourbon but a Tennessee whisky. This confusion, which is powered by the distillery (which clearly indicates that it is a Tennessee whisky), comes from our habit of calling all American Bourbon whiskey, even if they don?t come from Bourbon County. In fact, we should call it “whiskey” and not whisky, as indicated on the label. This is the name of American and Irish whiskeys, unlike Scottish, Canadian and Japanese (whiskey).

And now that we have clarified the question, what do you think are the five best-selling products of Jack Daniel’s? Uvinum ‘s  users are extremely knowledgeable, and like these five products, more than Jack Daniel’s classic itself:

5. The gentleman

 TAGS:Jack Daniel's Gentleman JackJack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack

 4. The Gold Medal

 TAGS:Jack Daniel's Gold Medal 1L 1954Jack Daniel’s Gold Medal 1L 1954

Jack Daniel’s Gold Medal 1L 1954

3. The old one

 TAGS:Jack Daniel's Jeroboam Old Nº 7 3LJack Daniel’s Jeroboam Old Nº 7 3L

Jack Daniel’s Jeroboam Old Nº 7 3L

2. The silver select

 TAGS:Jack Daniel's Silver SelectJack Daniel’s Silver Select

Jack Daniel’s Silver Select

1. The classic Best seller

 TAGS:Jack Daniel's 1LJack Daniel’s 1L

Jack Daniel’s 1L

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