The 250 years of Hennessy

by Marta Burgués

Hennessy turns 250 during this 2015, being a reference in the world of beverages. Therefore, this producer and manufacturer of cognac will celebrate this date with several events around the world.

Among these events highlights the Hennessy Tour, born as a different cultural festival. Firstly, you can find out what the reference of this brand is, its history, its future… with entertainment events and performances by contemporary artists.

In addition, the Hennessy tour includes a travelling exhibition to raise awareness of the life of this cognac producer. It is based on publicizing some contemporary artists offering aspects of the life of the company. Among the various works of these artists there are works by Xavier Veilhan and Pierrick Sorin, Tony Oursler, Charles Sandison or Anton Corbijn. All these artists make a review of the life and history of Hennessy through photographs, documents and some other media.

But this celebration is not the only, since it as has also been released the Hennessy 250 Collector Blend, a very special and unique collection for this different celebration. To get this kind of edition they have used hours of work and rest in barrels that have been specially built for the occasion. This new edition surprises by its colour, very bright, with a warm amber shade, along with fine aromas of herbs with some notes of citrus and nutmeg.

In turn, the makers of Hennessy will also prepare a 21st century time capsule, where people who want to will leave a written message inside the Hennessy cellars barrels. The intention is that these messages will be sealed in the “Time Barrel” until it opens in half a century for the next remarkable anniversary of the company.

 TAGS:Hennessy FineHennessy Fine

Hennessy Fine: a great and value for money cognac from France with an alcohol strength of 40º. 

 TAGS:Hennessy X.O.Hennessy X.O.

Hennessy X.O.: a cognac native of France with an alcohol content of 40º. 4 points on 5 is the valuation Uvinum’s users gave to Hennessy X.O

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