The 10 most spicy drink ads

by Marta

 TAGS:To me, the hottest alcoholic beverage commercial ever is the Cabana cachaça one, which shows a woman naked from the waist down, of whom you can only see a side view which allows you to guess where her bikini was. Just this much could be considered as a naughty commercial, but the final touch is given by the phrase “authentically Brazilian” that leaves much more to the imagination.

Dooley’s Toffee Liqueur is a brand of vodka with toffee essence, which will follow the cachaça in this ranking. In its ad, a pretty spicy snapshot in black and white, it promotes the sweetness of the drink that is accompanied by an explicit suggestion: “On ice, on ice cubes, on the skin. ” They already warn that is not recommended for innocent…

 TAGS:The Cointreau ad starring Dita Von Teese is equally sensual. It gives the touch of, eroticism enough to promote its Cointreaupolitan, as the principles of Burlesque dictates.


 TAGS:Much less suggestive, and with a questionable taste, on the other hand, we have the announcement of Bacardi rum. It has merely a slogan “best beer” by all explanation accompanying the photo of a blonde woman with tight shirt, through which three breasts can be guessed.


Also about breasts, the Schneider Original beer ad plays with the imagination of consumers showing the top view of a glass of beer just about to be reached by a hand. What is striking is that it actually takes some time until your brain stops watching a breast where what it really is shown there is a beer glass.


Budweiser is inspired by the cover of the movie American Beauty. It shows a girl a covered with a beer bottle caps and with a bottle in her hand. Years before, they had been among the rogues with an ad that simply showed the logo of the brand and three beauties in bikinis.




 TAGS:Evan Williams Bourbon also relies on feminine beauty to encourage consumption, showing two snapshots of a stunning blonde, at the time of high school and seven years later, emphasizing the advantages of waiting seven years to age, as their bourbon. TAGS:


 TAGS:Ibis XO ad which shows a girl in lingerie and seductive pose on the bed next to a bottle of brandy and Stella Artois with their “Poor man? ad, are the least fun, but both have good premium stuff to recreate the view.


 TAGS:The less fortunate is probably the Romanian beer Ursus Beer… not very inspiring ad. TAGS:











 TAGS:Licor 43Licor 43

Licor 43



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Martell V.S.

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