The 10 most sold beers (and II)

by danielacaruso

Beer is one of the most versatile drinks. It always tastes the same (it doesn’t depend from vintage years as the wine) and you can find it everywhere. It will survive the end of the world as well.

But how can one decide which is the best beer? Critics and beer lovers do not always agree but according to objective facts, the best thing to do is to look at the ranking of the most sold beers.

Yesterday we started with the ranking of the 10 most sold beers worldwide and today we continue with the 4 most sold beers worldwide. Here they are:

4. Coronita: The position 4, which leaves it out of the podium, goes to this mexican beer. Corona, the brand with 30,4 barrels sold in 2011 increases its position on the international market with a new add campaign, started this year and an association that will permit the growth of its presence in Mexico.

3. Budweiser: This american beer with a sales record of 38,7 million barrels in  2011, keeps its market position intact with a constant increase of sales in the US, Canada, Russia, China and with a strong presence in Great Britain as sponsor of the Copla FA.

2. Bud Light: This beer is sponsor of the national hockey league in the US and is one of the strongest beer brands, with a sales record of 45,5 million barrels sold in 2011. Bud Light is the favourite beer in the US and it wants to reach worldwide fame. For that purpose it recently launched Bud Light Lime, a drink inspired of the famous Margarita flavour, a sweet option.

1. Snow Beer: This beer comes from China and is the favourite one there, it can be easily recognized by its green glass bottles and blue etiquette with white letters and a glacier. With a sales record of 50,8 sold barrels in 2011, Snow has to thank his success to the Pale beer, the most favourite in that country which is on the same level as Bud Light, that we all know in terms of quality.

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