The 10 most important whisky distilleries to visit in Scotland

Today we will visit some of the whisky distilleries that you have to see when visiting  TAGS:Scotland. Scotland, apart from beatiful landscape and coasts, counts on one of the biggest and most popular whiskey productions and exportations which generate an income of 800 million euros. It is one of the most popular products of this land and the touristic visits to its distilleries are one of the attractions you cannot miss.

  • Glenmorangie: In the Scottish Highlands. In the town of Tain the distillery Glenmorangie opens its doors to tourists and visitors. Additionally you can visit the cellars and stay there for the night.
  • Balblair Distillery: This distillery is located close to the lakes of Dornoch Tain, it has more than 4000 years of history and is a historic spectacle that you should not miss on your trip to Scotland.
  • Ardbeg Distillery: Located on the island of Islay, together with others of the zone this distillery is picturesque and its location is suitable  for taking a walk and enjoying the landscape.
  • Isle Of Jura Distillery: With a length of 30 miles and 7 kilometres width this distillery also offers a hotel where you can spend the night after spending the day in its installations.
  • The Glenlivet Distillery:  Located in the hills of Speyside this distillery was reinaugurated in 2010 and since then it offers tours through its installations every day from april to october.
  • Speyburn (Inver House Distillers): This distillery is located in a valley in the north of Rothes and it is the most photographed in Scotland thanks to the gorgeous landscape that is surrounding it and its big facade.
  • Talisker Distillery: The only distillery of the island Skye, it can be visited and admired from the ferry that passes through the area.
  • Aberlour Destillery: Distillery located in the center of Speyside, its vistor’s centre has been awarded with 5 stars of the Scottish tourist board because of its installations and its service.
  • Glenfiddich: This distillery in the centre of the Highlands is the home of one of the most popular whiskybrands, its name means “valley of the deers” in gealic and it is an excellent place for getting to know Scotland.
  • Lagavulin Distillery: another distillery located on the island of Islay, its whiskies are smoky and its installations and surroundings picturesque. 

Are you a whisky fan? Do you want to recommend us a distillery to visit? While you are thinking about it, we recommend you some good whiskies (scottish ones of course):

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