The 10 Most Famous Scottish Whisky Brands

by Sara Rodrigo

Whisky made in Scotland continues to be the most famous drink in the world, surpassing other widely consumed distillates such as vodka, rum or gin. Whisky is the drink of the gods, the water of life, the king of spirits. And the trend has been rising in recent years without any signs of slowing down. The trend is resulting in many new brands emerging in recent years. Even consumption of Japanese whisky has exploded in the last decade. Clearly, many people consider whisky to be the best drink in the world.

Undoubtedly, whisky blends are the most consumed variety. However, single malt whisky has experienced an increase in popularity in recent years. This is due to consumers who are looking for more personal flavours associated with each brand.

Speaking of brands, what are the 10 best-known brands around the world? Which distilleries do consumers consider to be infallible; the brands that can be bought without a second thought due to their quality? Below we list the most famous Scottish whisky brands.

The 10 Most Famous Scottish Whisky Brands

Whisky was born in Ireland; in Scotland, they perfected the distillation and opened the market to the world. Since then numerous countries have created their own blends. In the United States, the most popular variety is bourbon, but you’ll also find Canadian whisky, Japanese whisky, and French whisky, among many others.

However, today we will focus on the most important brands of Scotch whisky, also simply known as scotch.

Johnnie Walker: Without a doubt, this brand takes a well-deserved first place in this ranking of the 10 most famous Scottish whisky brands. The brand became very famous after Winston Churchill declared that it was the only whisky he drank.

Ballantine’s: A famous brand of blended whisky which experienced some rough patches a few years ago. It has since then regained its status thanks to crafted versions of its whisky which has won numerous awards. Forget the basic versions and give the Ballantine’s 12 Years a try. It is a true delight.

The Macallan: a real classic, fully recognised and well established among the best of whiskies. They are crafted exclusively with single malt and the products are, for lack of a better word, perfect.

Cardhu: I’m sure you know it because it was the whisky your father drank when you were little. However, don’t be fooled by your memories as this brand is anything but ”old”. We prefer to call it ”a classic”.

Lagavulin: In recent years this brand has seen a spectacular rise in popularity. The list of awards won by the distillery is so extensive, that we could go on for ages. If you like malt whisky be sure to try their whiskies. The most famous of them all is Lagavulin 16 Years, which virtually everyone likes. Very smoky, very Scottish.

Glenfiddich: Back in the 60s this distillery also went through some rough patches. But they maintained a spirit of renewal which secured their survival. Today many consider this distillery to be making the best single malt in the world. Its range is of high quality and always at very reasonable prices.

Chivas Regal: this distillery has always specialised in blended whisky and is characterised by offering whiskies that all enthusiasts like. The top range is delicious and meticulously elaborated.

Glenrothes: this 140-year-old renowned distillery located in the heart of Speyside has a reputation for producing high-quality malt whiskies, and for structure and flavour.

Glenmorangie: this distillery has won many international awards and is found in the Highlands of Scotland. It is one of the oldest producers and specialises in single malt whiskies. It is said to have the tallest pot stills in the country …

Talisker: Talisker is located on the Isle of Skye. It is another distillery that got to live a second youth due to whisky once more being the preferred drink of the world. The whiskies it produces are characterised by an intense smoky and salty flavour, originating from the unique peat found on the island.

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