The 10 countries that consume more champagne in the world

by Marta Burgués

Among champagne lovers, there are 10 countries that stand out for their consumption levels of this delicious drink, preferred by many in romantic evenings and toasts.

Despite the difficulties in sales of champagne in some countries for the second consecutive year, half of these 10 countries showed growth in their consumption according to figures provided by the UK Champagne Bureau.

10. Sweden

2,495,188 bottles consumed in 2013, representing a 7.6% growth compared to 2012.

9. Spain

With 3,066,022 bottles consumed in 2013, leaving the lead to their traditional cava, but still showing their passion for a good champagne.

8. Switzerland

With 5,137,664 bottles sold in 2013, champagne imports in this country fell 4.07%.

7. Italy

With 5,359,536 bottles sold, Champagne imports fell 14.18% in 2013.

6. Australia

With 6,023,165 bottles imported to Australia, these figures are gradually growing every year, Australia has the second highest growth in consumption of champagne in 2013 with 11.4%.

5. Belgium

With 9,525,304 bottles consumed in 2013, the margins of sales increased by 14.1%. Despite being a relatively small country, the people of Belgium managed to sell nearly 10 million bottles over last year.

4. Japan

With 9,674,446 bottles in 2013, it is the only Asian market that is part of this count, increasing its imports by 6.7%.

3. Germany

In Germany the champagne had a stable position in 2013, with a fall in imports of only 1.57%.

2. United States

Imports of Champagne to the US continued to grow in 2013, albeit only 0.93%, 160,000 bottles more compared to 2012.

1. UK

Despite Champagne registered imports fell 5.1% in volume and 3.8% in value during 2013. Of a total of 136.6 million bottles, 30.8 million were shipped to Britain.

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