Thank you for helping us preserve our planet!

by Cèlia Rodríguez

The year 2015 ends today and there is no better way in celebrating it with you. Thanks to the great support of our Uvinum clients, we have accomplished 100% of our marked goal for the project, Compensa Natura.

It’s the goal of this organisation to preserve the last old-growth forests in Spain, one of Europe’s most important exponents of extraordinary biodiversity. This is already the second project, that we financially support via the platform, Worldcoo. This website facilitates organized group financing of solidary projects. We are very proud of having accomplished our goal and that we were able to add our little share to improve our unique planet together with your help.

 TAGS:undefinedBut the challenges don’t stop here. There are a lot of causes and people, that need help from all of us. Along the past year, thousands of persons were forced to leave their homes behind because of war and poverty. This is why we want to get back to Worldcoo supporting Oxfam Intermón, a social project to help the refugees.

The goal of Oxfam Intermón is to provide the refugees with clean water, shelter and essential help. With the contribution, collected via the purchases at Uvinum, the organization will distribute hygienic kits and blankets to 154 refugee families in Serbia.

We’d like to encourage you to participate as well. Together we can help lots of refugees in need.

Thank you for trusting in Uvinum and thank you for your solidarity!

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