Tequila, a strong drink


Tequila is a native distillate from Mexico, Jalisco to be precise. It is made from distillate agave juice, a thick and fleshy type of plant, which stores liquid on its leaves that is used to make tequila and mezcal among other drinks and liquors. As well as other spirits tequila has a denomination of origin witch is divided in 5 states of Mexico:

  • Guanajuato
  • Jalisco
  • Michoacán
  • Tamaulipas
  • Nayarit

Types of Tequila

Tequila is divided into two main categories:

  • Noble or pure tequila.
  • Mixed Tequila.

The difference between each other is that in noble tequila all the sugar from the Agave is transformed into alcohol, but when it’s mixed Tequila it has added musts that comes from the agave .

In the case of noble tequila and mixed tequila it happens something very similar to what happens with drinks such as whisky and pisco, the noble can only be made in Mexico, and however the mixed one can be made in other places outside its denomination of origin.

You can find them both, the noble tequila or mixed tequila in 3 categories or 3 classes, we’ll explain about them immediately: 

Tequila Blanco is also known as “silver tequila” or “tequila plata”. This tequila is obtained from the freshly distillation, passes through the barrels just for hours or days always less than a week, a fact that invariably makes invariant its flavor from its conception to its bottling. The bottles have a minimum alcohol content of 35 degrees and a maximum – of 55 degrees of alcohol. This tequila honors its name, is white.

Reposado Tequila – This tequila is named after remaining “resting” at least 2 months in white oak barrels or oak forest. This tequila is usually softer than the tequila Plata, the flavor given off by the wood has a natural color that closely resembles the amber. The bottles have a minimum alcohol content of 35 degrees and a maximum of 55 degrees of alcohol.

Añejo tequila, also known as “tequila gold” or “golden tequila”. This tequila has at least one year of aging, usually in new white oak barrels or of second use. It has a dark amber color. If you exceed the three years of aging is called “tequila extra añejo”
Shall we taste them? Today we’ll recommend a tequila of each type, plus a surprise:

  • Tequila Herradura Silver: White tequilas are the most widely known worldwide. The elaboration is the most simple and cheap, which is sometimes associated with low quality. This Tequila will show that this type of tequila can be extraordinary. 
  • Don Julio Reposado Tequila: Don Julio Reposado tequila is ahighly prestigious for its mild flavor where you can appreciate the aromas of oak mixed with their own plant and distillation. The most complete.
  • Tequila Tesoro Azteca Extra Añejo: If you are someone who thinks that tequila is not for you, do not try this tequila. Because you will change your mind. A tequila to go crazy. Extraordinary. 
  • Agavero: Agavero is not a tequila, it’s a tequila liqueur, lowest setting, ideal to take just very cold, and with all the original taste of tequila. 

Have you tried any tequila? What is your favorite?

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