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The best wine routes along the Spanish coast

wine routes along the Spanish coast

During this summer we will surely travel the Spanish coast and we will discover its beaches and charming towns. Here wine is also the protagonist because there are wine tourism routes and also vineyards that are worth discovering. Next we will tell you the best wine routes along the Spanish coast.

Route of the wine of the Rías Baixas

In the north, Galicia is a temptation to spend the summer season, surrounded by sea and cool nights. It is one of the areas where wine has more character, thanks to its different denominations of origin, such as Rias Baixas. This includes wineries, ideal to discover wines such as the famous Albariño, spas to relax, vineyards of high altitude, get into the sea with the Nautical Station of Rías Baixas, and much more. And of course, this can be completed with the extensive gastronomic offer, based on fish and seafood from the Galician coast.

Costa del Sol, a wine value on the rise

A super tourist area thanks to its beaches, that this summer will continue full of people. But there is more, because the Costa del Sol is also committed to wine tourism, with the Ronda and Málaga Wine Route. In fact, the average expense of wine tourists has increased considerably in recent years, reaching 161.9 euros per person and day in 2018. This summer you can take a tour of the wineries that are in the Montes de Málaga, the Serrania of Ronda, the Axarquía and Manilva.

DO Empordà on the Costa Brava

One more year, the Costa Brava will host a quality tourism that knows what it wants. Wonderful fishing villages are on display for anyone who wants to know more about their history. The best thing of all is that the Costa Brava is complete, that is, we can find sea, mountain, coast, natural parks and wine. The DO Empordà Wine Route allows you to enter a tradition deeply rooted in this land, centuries of history dating back to Roman times. Wineries, shops and more to discover the white, rosé and red wines of the DO Empordà.

Canary Islands Wine Route

Of course, the islands do not fall short on this topic. Tenerife is a destination for the whole year, and the Tenerife wine route is one of the most relevant. Here you will reach volcanic sand beaches, practice nautical and active tourism and pairing the richest wines of the area with the local cuisine.

 TAGS:7 Fuentes 2016

7 Fuentes 2016

The 7 Fuentes 2016 is the ideal red to combine with white meat and red meat.

 TAGS:Vinatigo Listan Blanco Islas Canarias Tenerife 2017

Vinatigo Listan Blanco Islas Canarias Tenerife 2017

4 of 5 points is the average score of this white according to Uvinum users.

6 cellars worth visiting near Barcelona

The wine sector of Catalonia grows. Barcelona is the axis of wine tourism, since many tourists who visit and stay in the city usually make wine routes at the cellars near Barcelona. We review some of them.

1. Agustí Torelló

Located in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, one of the most important enclaves of cava and wine worldwide, Agustí Torelló has wines from the Penedès region. Its cavas are the result of the elaboration and production of the pressing of the native grapes of the area, such as Xarel·lo or Macabeo. You can visit the cellar, try their products and make tastings.

2. Alella Vinícola Can Jonc

The DO Alella is strongly rooted in the area. It produces, elaborates and bottles wines and cavas of this appellation, that has vineyards just 15 km from Barcelona. In this area, modernist cellars abound, with amazing architecture. They not only offer quality in their wines but also enormous beauty in their facilities. Here you can take guided tours, activities in the vineyards and their surroundings, get to know the cellar, tasting workshops and be able to eat at its nearby restaurants.

3. Bodegas Freixenet

It is one of the most traditional cellars around the world. Its history rooted in the Penedès marks a before and after in the wine world of all time. Visitors enjoy a great experience when visiting Freixenet because one discovers how the cava is made, in addition to tasting it. A memorable visit.

4. Bodegas Pinord

It is fortunate to have such a large wine extension next to Barcelona. The most famous palates enjoy visiting these cellars because they offer tradition and modernity. In Vilafranca del Penedès, Bodegas Pinord presents 150 years of winemaking tradition. In their facilities, they produce more than five million bottles a year. Their wines are powerful and have all the art and tradition of the Penedès area.

5. Bodega Parés Baltà

In Pacs del Penedès there is Masia Can Baltà, which allows you to discover the vineyards of this important wine area, in addition to being able to see and touch the earth and taste its ecological and biodynamic wines.

6. Can Calopa-L’Olivera Cooperativa

In the Collserola Park of Barcelona there is a farmhouse, almost touching the big city. With the view one enjoys walking through the vineyard, in addition to knowing the process of organic wine elaboration.

Images: Uvinum and Armando Castillejos

 TAGS:Blanc Pescador

Blanc Pescador

The Blanc Pescador is a true success of an aromatic wine with a refreshingly light spritz.

The Best Wine Routes Along the Spanish Coast

do empordà, rías baixas, wine routes, wine Spanish coast

The summer is upon us, and many will travel along the Spanish coast to enjoy the beautiful beaches and charming towns. Along these routes, you will find that wine is a big part of the experience. There are many amazing discoveries around the corner such as specific routes for wine tourism and impressive vineyards. We’ll give you some insight into some of the best wine routes along the Spanish coast.

The Rías Baixas Wine Route

Galicia in the north of Spain gently lures you in to spend your summer surrounded by the sea and enjoying the cooler nights. The wines originating from this area tend to have a bit more character thanks to the different DOs like the Rías Baixas. Here you will find great wineries like the famous Albariño, spas for relaxing and vineyards in high altitude. You can also enjoy the sea at the Rías Baixas Marine Resort, and much more. If you are a bit of a foodie you will also enjoy the local gastronomy. It is mainly based on fish and seafood from the Galician coast.

Costa del Sol, a Winemaking Area on the Rise

This area is very popular among tourists thanks to its beaches which will remain busy through August at least. But the area has more to offer than the traditional southern holiday. Costa del Sol is increasingly focusing on wine tourism and they offer a wonderful experience on the Ronda and Málaga Wine Route. In the last few years, the average expenditure has increased to 161,90 euros per wine tourist per day in 2018. If you are looking for some inspiration this summer, we recommend taking a tour of the wineries in Montes de Málaga, the Serranía de Ronda, Axarquía and Manilva.

DO Empordà on the Costa Brava

During the season the Costa Brava will host the tourists who are looking for quality and know what they want. The area is full of wonderful fishing villages to explore for anyone who wants to know more about their history. Costa Brava has everything the adventurous heart could desire: the sea, the mountains, beautiful coastlines, natural parks, and, of course, wine. The DO Empordà Wine Route lets you emerge yourself in the traditions that are deeply rooted in this land. The history of the area dates back centuries to Roman times. You will also find wineries, shops and more to fully let you enjoy the reds, whites, and rosés of the DO Empordà.

The Canary Wine Route

The Canary Islands do not fail to impress. Tenerife is a destination for the whole year, and the Tenerife wine route is one of the most important. Here you can lounge on the volcanic sand beaches and enjoy the nautical and adventurous activities. But one of the most enjoyable activities is pairing the best wines of the area with the local cuisine.

 TAGS:El Coto Crianza 2015

El Coto Crianza 2015

The El Coto Crianza 2015 is a perfect red wine from the Rioja region that is perfect for any occasion.

 TAGS:Ramón Bilbao Crianza 2016

Ramón Bilbao Crianza 2016

A rennovated classic, versatile, fruity and balanced, Ramón Bilbao Crianza 2016 is an essential wine on our tables

Wine Routes You Shouldn’t Miss This Fall

 TAGS:In Spain, when we say fall, we say harvest time. Spain is a country with a great wine tradition a country which brings to the table no less than 60 wine products, all with a protected designation of origin. And although there are many options to enjoy a wine tasting getaway, the eDreams Travel Blog is guiding us today through five both spectacular and affordable wine trips.

Castilla la Mancha

The ?Caminos del Vino? route covers seven municipalities in the provinces of Albacete, Ciudad Real and Cuenca. In addition to the wide variety of local wines, the route has an important artistic and cultural heritage: medieval buildings, ancient manor houses and legendary mills. It might feel like you?ve travelled to Don Quixote?s times. With more than 70 establishments to visit, the ?Caminos del Vino? wine route adapts to the preferences and budgets of all visitors.


 TAGS:La Rioja is the land of wine by excellence. We suggest a route that goes through its capital,
Logroño, then a visit to San Gregorio, one of the many underground cellars of the town. Then you can get close to French-Spanish nineteenth century Wine Cellars which shows the evolution and of the wine craft. You can end the tour with the famous Laurel, a town full of bars where you can sample the best Rioja wines and tapas.


On the banks of the river Sil and Minho, between Lugo and Orense, there is the Ribeira Sacra protected designation of origin. For an affordable price, the route offers a one hour and a half boat trip by the Sil river with a guide, and a visit to a winery with wine tasting included.

The Basque Country

 - ?Gastrotour? is a food and wine tour which will guide you through some of the best of wine and food of the region. The tour offers many experiences to choose from. In San Sebastián, for example, you can choose between taking a tapas tour around town or go for the gourmet experience, in which a cook accompanies you to the ?La Bretxa? market to select and buy the ingredients for some of the traditional dishes that you will afterwards cook and enjoy together in a local foodie club.

Castilla y León

Fancy a helicopter ride from ?Cuatro Vientos? (Madrid) to the ?Ribera del Duero? so you can visit three wineries in the area? During the tour you will learn about the different grape varieties, about the evolution of wine with regard to the different types of barrels used and even participate in wine tasting courses …

We see you?re starting to pack your bags already … wait, we?re coming as well.

Wine routes: General tips

 TAGS:Times change, and more quickly in the tourism sector than others. In the case of wine tourism, it?s no longer an exclusive activity for wine lovers and is fast becoming popular among young couples, groups of friends, and families.

Attracted by the rural landscape and local wineries, at the moment it is very much in fashion to discover new regions through wine tourism. Now more than ever is a good time to follow a wine route through the province. And it?s also worth leaving the nine-to-five to let yourself experience charms you may have never encountered before.

Thinking of trying out this trend but don?t know how it works? No worries, the eDreams travel blog is here to give you a few tips so you know the main points. Take note?

1. Drinking and driving

It may seem obvious but it?s often overlooked. Wine contains alcohol and this doesn?t change in the countryside, so if you do travel there by car and drink too much it?s unadvisable to drive back.

It?s a much better idea to check out some local hotels and spend the night out on the route if it?s far from your home. This is also best to ensure?

2. Relaxation and de-stressing

 TAGS:The main attraction of this kind of tourism is all the wineries – inside and out. While you may expect these establishments to be cold and dark, they are often actually very sophisticated and surprising.

When you?ve had enough of the winery interior you can take a walk through the fields, and enjoy the aroma of wine in the midst of the peace and tranquility that surrounds the area. Whether deliberately or not, the vineyards tend to be located far from the madding crowd so that your experience is all the more pleasant. You might feel far from civilization if you?ve come by plane or if you booked with a low-cost carrier to a secondary airport, but the wineries often organize bus services for sightseeing excursions.

3. Buying Wine

If you visit a winery you?re likely to end up buying a few bottles. Maybe it?s the effect of the atmosphere, the desire to take a memento or souvenir, or because the flavor made an impression on you, but the chances are you?ll give into temptation.

Of course, there?s nothing wrong with that, but remember not to go for well-known labels you could get anywhere. Open yourself up to new flavors and think of a special dinner at home, a family gathering or a gift for a good friend.

4. Transporting Bottles without Breakage

 TAGS:If you?re taking a flight you need to be particularly careful about packing the bottles. If you?re carrying a hard case, it?s best to put them in the corner wrapped in clothing. If you?re travelling with a soft case or backpack, it?s better to put them in the middle but always well protected. You can?t imagine how unpleasant it is to get home and find yourself with no wine, no bottles, but a load of stained clothes. Don?t forget that some airlines have weight restrictions for baggage, so don?t try and take back too much.

Are you ready for a journey where each path has a different taste and texture? Prepare your palate because you are sure to try some new flavors.

Get your camera ready because you will definitely live some new experiences. And above all, keep your eyes open because you will be surrounded by some beautiful landscape. Choose your wine route and enjoy?