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Tips for Ordering Wine in a Restaurant

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It might seem like a simple task for some people, but it is not always easy to know which wine to order in a restaurant. The choice should depend on the type of company that you are in and the type of wine that you want. We offer you some tips below to make it easier to choose the right wine.

Ask for Advice from the Sommelier

The first and easiest rule is to heed the advice from the sommelier if the restaurant has one. The sommelier is the one who understands the wines and has the perfect knowledge of what will pair well depending on the occasion, the dish and our tastes. So, there is no need to worry; if you are in doubt, ask the sommelier who will guide you well in making your choice.

It Depends on the Food

We will usually base our choice of wine depending on the dish. As a basic guideline white wines go well with rice and fish and red wines are great with meat. But it is not always that simple. You should also consider the type of meat and whether the wine is young or not. One of the important basic rules of pairing is that it is best to serve the lighter wines before the more full-bodied wines. The world of pairing is very extensive and there are flavours that pair better with a white wine while others will pair fantastically well with a rosé.

By Order

You can also choose the wines for your long lunch or dinner according to the order. The basic norm is to first have the sparkling wines which usually pair well with the appetisers. The whites will go well with lighter first courses. The rosés, the young red wines and fuller red wines pair well with meat, game or something heartier.

Depending on the Company or Occasion

It is safe to choose a well-known wine, such as Rioja or Toro, if you are having a business lunch and want to treat your guests. These wines pose little to no risk of anyone not liking it. But if you are on a date you can experiment a bit more and take your partners tastes into consideration as well.

 TAGS:Porta 6 2017

Porta 6 2017

Porta 6 2017 is the product of the fertile vineyards from Alenquero and Cadaval, in the mountains in the North of Lisbon.

 TAGS:Terras de Alleu 2016

Terras de Alleu 2016

Terras de Alleu 2016 is an uncomplicated wine from Douro. Easy to drink and enjoy.

Uvinum Closes 300.000€ Round of Funding

Uvinum  just closed an investment round of € 300,000 thanks to important business angels. This investment will allow Uvinum to continue its plans for growth both in Spain and abroad in the major markets in the world of wine.

The investors include Luis Martin Cabiedes (Business Angel), Jaime Jimenez (VP Marketing & Sales of Softonic), Grupo Intercom, Tomás Diago (Founder and President of Softonic), Jaume Lladó Gomà (investor) or Jaume Gomà Llairó (Director of SegundaMano and investor). These are all business angels and prestigious professionals from the online world that will contribute their knowledge and experience to the company.

According to Nico Bour, cofounder of Uvinum:

We are very satisfied that investors of this caliber have demonstrated their faith in our project.  Their input at all levels will be essential to continue with Uvinum’s plans for growth and to position ourselves as a worldwide reference in the wine sector network. Our aim is to be known as an innovative global project, with a clear social and transactional character in wine ecommerce.

And it is a clear sign of confidence that, despite being in very complicated global economic situation, many projects with strong potential like Uvinum continue to grow, as they seek market leadership on a global scale.”

Nico Bour, Albert García & Albert López launched Uvinum on December 15, 2009 in Spain , followed by their first movements into international markets with entries into United Kingdom and The United States  in the following March.

Uvinum is an international site for wine recommendations. It allows each wine lover to discover a unique catalogue of still and sparkling wine, to receive personalized recommendations, and buy more than 10,000 different wines at the best price, making it the number 1 wine catalogue in Spain.

To contact Uvinum, you can send an email to press@uvinum.com or call +44 02035140552 (Nico Bour).