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What to Prepare for Christmas dinner?


At this point, you probably already know what you are going to cook for Christmas dinner. But if you are in need of inspiration, we have compiled articles to help you. Find out our suggestions to celebrate the holiday season with the best food:

Ideas to make Christmas dinner easier

  • Christmas culinary traditions in Spain
  • Christmas dinners in Europe
  • The Christmas drinks you didn’t you needed
  • The best cheeses in the world to serve at Christmas
  • The perfect gift

Christmas culinary traditions in Spain

The typical Spanish Christmas requires the company of your friends and family and traditional locally-produced food such as Iberian ham and cheese for starters, while fish, turkey or red meat will be served as the main dish. The indispensable dessert will probably include Turrones, a Spanish variation of Nougat. Naturally, Spanish wines and sparkling will accompany the whole menu.

Christmas dinners in Europe

Soup, seafood, nougat and cava will be present at many Spanish tables this Christmas, but what do other Europeans usually drink and eat as Christmas dinners? Discover here how our neighbours celebrate Christmas. You might find some new ideas to improve your own Christmas this year.

The Christmas drinks you didn’t you needed

Autumn and Winter might just be the most underrated seasons when it comes to trying out new cocktails or punches. However, the last months of the year are ripe with occasions to discover your next favourite drink. After Guy Fawkes and Halloween, the holiday season arrives to give you new reasons to go out. Autumn drinks and Christmas cocktails are the new fad. Don’t miss it!

The best cheeses in the world to serve at Christmas

On this occasion, we have selected the best cheeses in the world to serve at Christmas. A small guide that will help you when choosing which of these delicacies to bring to your table during these festivities and with which wines to combine them.

The perfect gift

Besides the eating and drinking, Christmas is first and foremost the ideal occasion to spend quality time with your loved ones. Therefore, you might be looking for that special gift which will express your affection perfectly. That is why Uvinum has been on the lookout for the best gastronomic gifts on the market. Alternatively, if you prefer to find a great wine but feel a bit lost, we dedicated an article to help you navigate the world of wines.

 TAGS:Aviva Pink GoldAviva Pink Gold

Aviva Pink Gold, a Spanish sparkling wine from made with moscatel and airén and  ideally combined with salt cake and almonds.


 TAGS:Carta Nevada DulceCarta Nevada Dulce

Carta Nevada Dulce, a sparkling wine from Cava produced with xarel·lo, viura, parellada and macabeo grapes.

Bodegas Torres: The World’s Most Admired Winery 2018


To the professional’s of this sector, Bodegas Torres stands out again as “The world’s most admired brand of wines” according to the British magazine, Drinks International.

Again, the ancient family winery from the Penedès, Spain, occupies the pole position of the magazine’s annual ranking of 50 brands as it had before. It’s the only Spanish and European bodega leading the first place.

The winery goes back in history nearly 150 years and has been in family hands for 5 generations. Discover our Favourites from Bodegas Torres!

 TAGS:Celeste Roble 2016Celeste Roble 2016

Celeste Roble 2016



 TAGS:Altos Ibéricos Crianza 2014Altos Ibéricos Crianza 2014

Altos Ibéricos Crianza 2014



 TAGS:Altos Ibéricos Reserva 2012Altos Ibéricos Reserva 2012

Altos Ibéricos Reserva 2012



 TAGS:Jaime IJaime I

Jaime I



 TAGS:Torres 10Torres 10

Torres 10

Discover Your Wine Horoscope For 2018


We all know our signs of the Chinese zodiac and horoscope, our elements and spirit animal. But do not miss the wine of your soul. At Uvinum, we have consulted the stars to know which wine matches best with your essence in this year 2018.


The Aries are strong, a little stubborn and always wanting to come first. As a force of nature, you know how to impress those around you and are not easy to forget. Such a memorable character is only satisfied with an unforgettable wine like the Belondrade y Lurton 2015. This wine, which has revolutionised the Spanish white wine market, highlights an incredible integration between fruit and wood.


Why do we love the Taurus so much? Because you are a kind, honest person that gives us a sense of security. But above all, you like to enjoy everything that life has to offer. A zodiac as sensual as you finds the best company in the Llopart Brut Rosé Cava, an elegant cuvée of Garnacha, Monastrell and Pinot Noir that seduces on any occasion.


As a Gemini, you are always in search of a new experience. Your restless spirit knows how to move worlds and adapts perfectly to any situation. No wonder you have so many different friends. In the famous “Comfort Zone” you do not feel comfortable at all. If they were people, your best friends would be Adventure, Innovation and Curiosity. With these strengths, no one can stop you. You want to fly, you’re going to fly. You do not follow, but you create trends among your friends. And therefore, the wine that best represents you in 2018 is the Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial: Balanced, cool and trendy.


Under that hard shell is a heart of gold. Cancers, like good wines, need time. But once opened, they develop all their beauty and inner delicacy. You choose your friends very carefully but then you take care of them as if they were your children. And they know how lucky they are to enjoy such a special person like you. Each cup that is taken with you is a cup full of love and compassion. A classic like you needs a classic like the Marqués de Murrieta Reserva 2013. Favourite of experts like Robert Parker and an excellent companion that improves with each vintage.


The world hears your roar, and your family and your friends follow you wherever you go. You break with old habits and create new trends. Deservedly the protagonist, unique and of an indomitable character you need a worthy wine like Gérard Bertrand’s Naturalys Merlot. A biodynamic French that, just like you, is a leader in his area that also shows great respect for its roots and the earth.


Although many think you are sensitive and fragile, you are a more complex person. You are very strong, but you show a lot of sensitivity and tenderness. With your arms always open, ready to welcome strangers and turn them into friends, sometimes they leave you with wounds. But these small sacrifices are worth it and you quickly recognize who your true friends are, of whom you have many. The Miraval Rosé 2016 frames your spirit to perfection: it is fresh and has a complex structure with delicious notes of red fruits.


The classic pound that always seeks balance. You like making decisions but it is not one of your strengths. In moments of chaos you offer tranquillity and serenity, and when the party lacks spirit you come to the rescue telling the latest adventures of your daily life with grace and elegance. We do not know how, but you always know how to contribute just what was missing and that is why you have so many friends. You do not forget anyone, and nobody forgets you. You are an integral part of the life of your loved ones. And this leads to the following conclusion: your wine of 2018 is the Llopart Integral Brut Nature.


Friendly, empathetic and ambitious – Scorpio-like, you are very popular among your friends. Another of your superpowers is your subtlety and your pure presence. You stay behind the scenes to get out at the right time. Be at work, at a party or to defend your friends against any danger with your poisonous sting. No one has seen you come but you have come to stay. Pleasant and with a special touch, the Sommos Collection Gewürztraminer 2016 – just like you – knows how to conquer hearts in seconds.


It’s amazing how you always know how to aim with your bow. Optimism, ambition and a fever of travel are your constant companions. You like to travel, see beautiful landscapes and expand the horizon. You enjoy giving colour to your life and that of your loved ones because a world without colours would be sad and boring. You believe in opportunities offered by destiny and in some magical way you do not miss one. In 2018, your path will take you to many various places, but it will be framed by a glass of Gïk Live, a pioneer like you, the first blue wine in the world.


Each of your steps is well thought out. You know the way, although not always the destination. But it is just what makes you so special. Enjoying the present, you face the future. You quickly come out as the unexpected star of each party, turning strangers into friends and you will keep many of them for the rest of your life thanks to your persistent character. A person like you only finds the best companion in a wine like El Molar 2016. It is written as your biography, experts and novices evaluate this Spanish with excellent reviews, like a diamond to discover.


All life begins in the water. This simple fact makes you an important connector of humanity. And although you are not always the protagonist, you will always be a fundamental part of your group of friends. You are a welcome guest at each party and you should not miss out on any wines, such as the Pago de los Capellanes Joven Roble. Young, fresh, tasty and vivacious, it combines power, structure and rich freshness.


Under the sea, under the sea, darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter.” Cheerful and moved, you find security and more happiness when you are surrounded by your family and your closest friends. But to truly appreciate these treasures of life, from time to time it is good to get away. Whether it’s by plane, car or bike – it does not matter, because you’re only going to come back with recharged batteries and new energies. That’s why the 2016 Bicicletas y Peces Verdejo seems to be specially made for you. Vivacious and made to enjoy, this is your wine to enjoy in 2018.

Best Wine for Chinese Takeout

 TAGS:undefinedWhen it comes to Chinese food, we hardly know which wine to choose to accompany our dishes. But in reality it’s easy, you could pair it with both champagne and sparkling wine, as well as white and red wine.

Sparkling wines, in general, are the best pairing for this type of cuisine because their taste can contrast the taste of soy and rice balls. With rice, we can also integrate the semi-dry red wines and the Merlot variety.

White wines are perfect to refresh the mouth with some fried dishes, sauces and noodles or seaweed. They go very well with fish, vegetables and legumes, which usually represent Chinese cuisine.

Among the varieties of white wines to enhance the flavours of Chinese food, we find Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

Regarding meat dishes like Peking duck, chicken or veal, always joined by spices, a young red wine is a perfect option. In this case, the best-known wines are Rioja and Ribera del Duero. Enjoy a duck with wines like Monastrell and Bobal, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, amongst many others.

For spicy food, sweet varieties make the better pairing. You should rather grab a Gewürztraminer or a Sauvignon Blanc.


 TAGS:Algueira Cortezada 2016Algueira Cortezada 2016

Algueira Cortezada 2016, the power of Albariño


 TAGS:Pata Negra Gran Reserva 2007Pata Negra Gran Reserva 2007

Pata Negra Gran Reserva 2007, un tinto clásico

7 White wines you will rejoice this summer


We are in the middle of the summer and, for most people, white wine is their choice to enjoy this season. Just picture yourself in a terrace in front of the sea with a soft and fresh breeze touching your face while you enjoy a nice glass of white wine. A really good postal card for the summer. However, maybe you are not on vacation yet and the fresh breeze in your face is the air conditioner in your car or office… But, you know, dreaming is free, right?

What we can do here at Uvinum -and that will be our humble contribution to the summer dream- is to share you a list of white wines that could well be part of the picture. And for that, well, you won’t need to invest your vacation savings, because we have the best offers, the best prices and the best discounts on selected white wines.

So, while you wait for that dream to happen, you can enjoy yourself with the following wines, which for less than 9 pounds will give a touch of happiness.

1. Protos Verdejo 2015

Protos Verdejo 2015 is a wine that comes straight from the D.O. Rueda to seduce our palates with its fruity and intense flavour. It is a wine that in the nose is powerful and fruity in the mouth and has a good acidity, good balance and a complex mood.

2. Marieta 2015

The new vintage of the first semi-dry albariño of the history returns to delight with its youthful, intense, fruity and sweet taste, so we can enjoy it one more time. It is very suitable to drink it cool, especially in the hot days of the summer.

3. José Pariente Verdejo 2015

José Pariente Verdejo has been for several years one of the market references in Verdejos. An easy and versatile wine which it’s ideal for appetizers and light dishes, it represents everything for Bodegas José Pariente has worked for so long, a wish come true… and wine.

4. Ampelosaurus Chardonnay 2014

You might find the dinosaur on its label very remarkable, but it’s there for a good reason: the land where the grapes are growth and processed is located in the Haute Vallée de l’Aude (in the Languedoc-Rousillon), a benchmark of paleontology. In fact, some scientists have found a full and almost intact dinosaur skeleton along with some dinosaur eggs in the vineyards of Anne de Joyeuse.

5. Martin Codax 2015

Martin Codax 2015 it’s an outstanding, fresh and balanced wine that can be enjoyed especially well with seafood dishes and fish, in a mix that extracts the best of land and sea. Do not hesitate to try the new vintage of this delicious Albariño!

6. El Perro Verde 2015

El Perro Verde 2015, the new vintage of one of the nicest wines in the Spanish market, has come again willing to make our lunches, dinners and evenings with friends funnier and unforgettable. It offers a fresh, smooth and vibrant flavour.

7. Nosso 2015

This is a 100% Verdejo and 100% organic wine, which it is processed with totally natural procedures and treatments. Through it you will be able to enjoy the smell of the wet earth and the natural grape. It is the lack of makeup that makes this wine strong in character and authenticity. 

What wines are best to pair with sushi?


Sushi is a trend food that spans by many restaurants in different countries. That’s because it offers a variety of flavours and a perfect nutrition for all types of bodies. When drinking the right wine for sushi, you should consider what is the best. We give you some signs so you do not get lost.

White wines

Depending on the type of sushi you eat, although it’s often preferably raw fish, we’ll use both types of wine. As it consists mostly of fish, white wine is the best. It brings the necessary freshness for sushi and intense fruit aromas, which combined with rice, soy and raw fish, intensify the flavour of the whole mixture.

 TAGS:Flor de Vetus Verdejo 2014Flor de Vetus Verdejo 2014

Flor de Vetus Verdejo 2014 is a Rueda wine from the Bodegas Vetus cellar with the best bunches of 2014 verdejo and 13º of alcohol.



Rosé wines

As well as white wines, rosé are also chosen to pair with sushi. They also give freshness in all seasons of the year we drink them.

 TAGS:Gramona Moustillant Rosat BrutGramona Moustillant Rosat Brut

Gramona Moustillant Rosat Brut, a rosé wine of the Penedes DO made with syrah and merlot grapes and presents an alcohol content of 11º. 



Red wines

Red wines can also go well with raw fish. In any case they must be young, light, with a low concentration of tannins. The result are fresh wines that pair well with the main ingredients of sushi.

 TAGS:Juan Gil 4 Meses 2013Juan Gil 4 Meses 2013

Juan Gil 4 Meses 2013: a red wine with DO Jumilla with a blend based on monastrell of 2013 and with an alcoholic strength of 15º. 



Selected varieties

Among the main varieties of these wines that you can drink with sushi, we include Tempranillo, Verdejo or Albariño. With rosé wines, Monastrell, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, in general. Among the reds, Syrah variety is one of the chosen.

 TAGS:José Pariente Sauvignon Blanc 2014José Pariente Sauvignon Blanc 2014

José Pariente Sauvignon Blanc 2014: a white wine is made with sauvignon and sauvignon blanc of 2014 and with 13º of alcohol content. 



Wine types and brands

The wines that go well to make a sushi tasting are varied: we have seen white, rosé and red wines, and also highlight sparkling wines and cavas. There are a variety of brands and types of wines for this use. Argentinian Malbec, Pinot Noir from Burgundy, the Spanish wines of Rueda, some rosé wines from Jumilla or certain red wines from Penedès.

 TAGS:Laforêt Pinot Noir 2011Laforêt Pinot Noir 2011

Laforêt Pinot Noir 2011: a red wine from this DO: Burgundy produced with pinot noir from the 2011 vintage and 12.5º of alcohol content. 


Characteristics of English wines


Although England has emerged as a supplier and exponential consumer of beer and whisky, it’s also a wine producer. While its colder weather is not quite suitable for the development of vineyards, there are many wine producing areas. Increasingly there are more wine producers in its over 400 vineyards.

Defining and discussing an English wine style is somewhat complicated, because there is a wide range of grape varieties and microclimates within the English and Welsh soil. Experts state that wines are usually very floral, with fresh flavours and an acidic end, a combination that can be very pleasant, which opens new possibilities in the consumption of wines of that country.

White wines

A large portion, 90%, of the English wine production is white, being Seyval blanc one of the most important varieties, in addition to Baco and Reichensteiner, while others are chardonnay, which results in wines with body and highly fresh.

Red wines

Red wines are also produced to a lesser extent, with varieties of Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Dornfelder.

Sparkling wines

One of the great successes of recent years has been the production of sparkling wines, which are replacing some champagnes in their consumption and purchase, gaining ground even at international competitions in blind tastings.


English wine sales are increasing in recent years. Something that would explain this growth in producers, betting on new vineyards and boosting their production.

International Awards

Closely followed by French wines, English wines are slowly gaining ground, winning international awards for their quality.


 TAGS:Kenton Estate Red 2013Kenton Estate Red 2013

Kenton Estate Red 2013: a red wine Devon which blend contains 2013 grapes. 4 points on 5 is the valuation Uvinum’s users gave to Kenton Estate Red 2013.




 TAGS:Hush Heath Estate Balfour Brut Rose 2010Hush Heath Estate Balfour Brut Rose 2010

Hush Heath Estate produces Hush Heath Estate Balfour Brut Rose 2010, a sparkling wine from the Kent DO from the 2010 harvest.



 TAGS:Shawsgate Bacchus 2013Shawsgate Bacchus 2013

Shawsgate Bacchus 2013: a white wine of the Suffolk DO from the 2013 harvest. 



 TAGS:Nyetimber Classic Cuvee 2009Nyetimber Classic Cuvee 2009

Nyetimber Classic Cuvee 2009: a sparkling wine Sussex of the vintage 2009. 4 points on 5 is the average of the consumers valuations Nyetimber Classic Cuvee 2009 on Uvinum.


Wine labels : a world of inovation

 TAGS:It would be a mistake to say that every great wine have a great label. Also, a flashy label doesn?t certify the quality of the drink. However, an innovative label can lead you to try some new and interesting options you wouldn?t have thought of.

 TAGS:Casei de Advocatura Wine (Lawyer?s house): This wine has a grey label simulating a pinstripe suit with a striking red scarf, creating a sober and elegant style. An ideal gift for your family lawyer.

Advine: Advine is a brand of Australian wine that offers a great Shiraz. The label represents a lovely oil painting with floral details. It is supposed to reflect the Dutch heritage of Andrew Leembruggen, a great winemaker.

The Argonaut, 8 arms (original photo): This wine label is probably one of my favorites. It represents an octopus on a white background. It is a reference to the Aristotle’s theory: He claimed that the female octopus travels in his shell and uses its 8 arms to paddle and move.

Csetvei Winery: Designed by Kira Koroknai, this label is a minimalist way of underlining the Winery Csetvei strong taste. It is easy to admire this wavy black and white lines.

Vi Novell 2012: Both for meat lovers and for those who feel overwhelmed with the theme of marriage, this design will be attractive. The label represents several strips of bacon surrounding the body of the bottle. The Celler el Masroig is already known for the originality of the label they create.

Bitch Fest Student Spotlight: The Bitch Fest is an ideal wine to enjoy spontaneous. The design of the label requires to spin the bottle in order to clearly read the white letters.

Torello Malvarel-I 2012: Its label refers to the production process: from the vines selection to the bottling machine through the torelló with creativity.

Minima Moralia: Brandient is the creator of this wine. It came from Singapore and is available in 6 different mixtures, every one of them having an original and artistic black and white photography design.

Today I will recommend 2 wines, will you chose them according to the label? 

 TAGS:Zandvliet Shiraz 2009Zandvliet Shiraz 2009

Zandvliet Shiraz 2009




 TAGS:Hermanuspietersfontein Swartskaap Cabernet Franc 2009Hermanuspietersfontein Swartskaap Cabernet Franc 2009

Hermanuspietersfontein Swartskaap Cabernet Franc 2009





How to have a small cellar at home


Any fan of the magnificent wine world already thought about making a small cellar in his house, and not only because they want to have good brand in perfect state available at any time, but also because he can buy wine on favorable condition: he acquires them without completing their aging and then allowed to complete it at home, while the market value multiplies.

But the problem arises with domestic installations: more often you just do not have the adequate space available, so people try emergency solutions that do nothing more than to spoil the wine.

The only wines that age well are the ones that have been made for aging , that is, it will be useless to save a young wine for years in a good cellar, almost certainly when you will be drinking it, it will be spoiled. The wines that can be saved are the crianza, reserva and large reserves, which have matured in wooden casks enough time to continue to do so later in the individual wineries.

To achieve this, the space for keeping wines must meet certain conditions: maintain a constant temperature that does not oscillate beyond 8 ° C at 18 °, with an ideal average of 12 ° C throughout the year. If the temperature rises, white wine undergo secondary fermentation and reds accelerate the oxidation process. Conversely, temperatures below cloud the wine and alter its color. It is therefore essential to have a thermometer to control at all times.

Achieving a sufficiently moist environment: air humidity does not harm the correct storage and aging of wine. Even better: it is necessary. But it is also important not to have excessive humidity, because in this case, wines acquire a distinctive musty smell. Ideally, not less than 80 % because the dryness affects corks, which shrink and let in the air.

Isolate noise and odor: although wine does not ?hear ?the vibrations and noise will greatly hurt, because it shakes and produces important organoleptic changes. The racks must be isolated from the fridge or any powered device. In the warehouse, you have to perform jobs that isolate from noise or vibration. Regarding odors, they also enters the bottles, so you cannot store wine with substances such as paint or gasoline, or near food giving off strong odors, such as cheese or ham.

You should ensure adequate ventilation so that the air is renewed. Ensure the absence of light : the wine is damaged if exposed to light long, hence, the winery must be very thin, because if not, there is a very rapid oxidation that experts recognize then when tasting the wine and called ” light flavor “.

Arrange the bottles horizontally: wines must stand horizontally so that the cork is always wet, the most practical is to stack the bottles, trying not to move it a lot to find what we seek. For this reason the order is critical.

¿Do you want to buy wine for your particular cellar? We suggest you:

 TAGS:Terra Di Lavoro 2010Terra Di Lavoro 2010

Terra Di Lavoro 2010



 TAGS:La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2000La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2000

La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2000

The 5 best-selling German white wine in summer


Right now you fancy a chilled white wine, right? And that is because when it?s that hot, nothing is better to refresh ourselves than a good wine, to 7-9 º C, which helps us getting away from the heat. But what wine do we choose? The German white wines are the UK?s favorites: light, fresh, with great acidity, they can be combined with any light food, but are just as good when drunk alone, on a terrace next to the sea.

Blue Nun, Black Tower … these are some of the British?s summer favorites wine brands. But do you want to know what German white wines Uvinum?s user fancy the most? Here they are:


5. Robert Weil Rheingau Riesling Trocken 1L 2012

 TAGS:Robert Weil Rheingau Riesling Trocken 1L 2012Robert Weil Rheingau Riesling Trocken 1L 2012

Robert Weil Rheingau Riesling Trocken 1L 2012



4. Fürstlich Castell Castell Bacchus Halbtrocken 1L 2012

 TAGS:Fürstlich Castell Castell Bacchus Halbtrocken 1L 2012Fürstlich Castell Castell Bacchus Halbtrocken 1L 2012

Fürstlich Castell Castell Bacchus Halbtrocken 1L 2012



3. Bassermann-Jordan Weisser Burgunder 2011

 TAGS:Bassermann-Jordan Weisser Burgunder 2011Bassermann-Jordan Weisser Burgunder 2011

Bassermann-Jordan Weisser Burgunder 2011



2. Matthias Gaul Weißweincuvée Pas de Deux Trocken 2011

 TAGS:Matthias Gaul Weißweincuvée Pas de Deux Trocken 2011Matthias Gaul Weißweincuvée Pas de Deux Trocken 2011

Matthias Gaul Weißweincuvée Pas de Deux Trocken 2011



1. Bassermann-Jordan Riesling Trocken 2012

 TAGS:Bassermann-Jordan Riesling Trocken 2012Bassermann-Jordan Riesling Trocken 2012

Bassermann-Jordan Riesling Trocken 2012