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New Year’s Eve Cocktail Inspiration

 TAGS:undefinedIn a few days, we will celebrate the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. Of course, you probably already have a menu planned for the day but did you consider the drinks? Indeed, the last evening of the year has to be celebrated with elegance and class. That is why we compiled several ideas to inspire you!

4 Delicious Cocktails for your holidays

The holiday season is a long period with many celebrations. Make sure to always have an innovative cocktail idea at hand with those four cocktails! They manage to embody both the Winter spirit and the celebratory atmosphere.

4 Original and Infallible Cocktails to revive the Christmas spirit

What is better to enjoy this time than with luscious and original cocktails? Find the recipes to make a warm vodka-based Winter Sun; a whiskey-based Rothes Original, a Pomegranate Champagne and sweet Mount Christ with orange liqueur.

3 Unbeatable Cocktails With Champagne For Your New Year’s Eve Aperitif

Champagnes are the main protagonists of New Year’s Eve drinks. How about adding a little bit of originality to them? Find delicious cocktail recipes with Champagne and toast in a different way.

7 Alcohol-free Cocktails for Everyone

Tough cocktails are often associated with alcohol, there exists a wide variety of them which are completely lacking alcohol. These alcohol-free cocktails are ideal when celebrating with the whole family as they enable each to toast!

Cocktails Galore – Choose your alcohol

Another way to decide what cocktail to make for your New Year’s Eve is to first look at the type of spirits you prefer (or the one you still have at home from last year). The most common types of cocktails are vodka-based (I) (II) (III), though rum and whiskey remain two serious contenders.

 TAGS:Jack Daniel's Winter JackJack Daniel’s Winter Jack

Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack,  a whisky produced by Jack Daniel’s Distillery from the United States with an alcoholic content of 15%.


 TAGS:Smirnoff GoldSmirnoff Gold

Smirnoff Gold, s produced by The Smirnoff Company from Russia with an alcohol content of 37.5%.


Screwdriver cocktail, the perfect combination

 TAGS:The world of cocktails is exciting. Now more than ever we find different types, provided by the bartender?s imagination, the experts in this job. Soft, sweet, with an exotic touch, with alcohol or natural, you choose the one you prefer.

When it comes to talk about the classic and most popular cocktails, the screwdriver takes the top score, mainly because it is very easy to prepare and enjoyed by a great number of people. Come on, you will always be right with it.

In addition, we find it alike all over the world. The screwdriver cocktail consists of mixing vodka and orange juice. First we will put the ice in a cup, then the vodka and fill up the glass with orange juice; it depends on the taste to make it more or less strong.

As for the orange, we can combine it with orange soda for a lighter taste, or add orange juice to taste something more profound. Finally, put a slice of orange and you can also pour the edge of the glass with sugar.

Types of glasses

In this case, this drink accepts being prepared and use different types of glasses, from the Collins glass, to the champagne saucer. It is quite optional really.

Other combinations

To add an extra natural orange touch to the drink, we can add small pieces of orange in the glass, this will give more flavor to a simple mixture. But if you are looking for something different, you have other choices:

  • If you’re looking to give it more intensity, there are those who use Tabasco and thus give a spicy touch and accompany it with some snacks.
  • The Angostura will give a refreshing and bitter taste
  • Even if you are fond of cocktails as an aperitif, a few drops of Worcester sauce will help you get a much tastier screwdriver.

The propper time to consume it

The screwdriver is the most universal of all cocktails. The best time to consume is at night after a nice dinner when we are dancing in a bar or nightclub. But it is very nice after a meal to prevent us from getting “tipsy” since vodka is usually one of the stronger spirits.

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