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Healthier habits around drinking among young people in the UK

According to a study published in the British journal BMC Public Health, focused on youth habits, a decline in alcohol consumption among young adults (aged 16-24) has been observed for some years. Of the nearly 100,000 young people surveyed, 29% regard themselves as non-drinkers, when in 2005 the figure reached just 18%.

Alcohol consumption habits

In 2005, in fact, 43% of young people admitted drinking above the recommended limits, a figure that drops to 28% ten years later. Compulsive consumption has fallen from 27 to 18% in the same period, and levels of abstention have risen from 9 to 17%.

Generalized decline

As the authors of the research said in a post published by the portal The Drinks Business, the growth of non-drinkers among the young population is spread over a wide range of groups, including the inhabitants of the northern and southern regions of England, the white population, full-time students, employees and all kinds of social classes. This growth indicates that abstinence from alcohol is becoming a trend that could find its origin in cultural factors.

Alcohol consumption habits

This behaviour is becoming more socially acceptable, while the risky behaviours associated with compulsive use are being placed outside of normalcy. This confirms the data offered by the World Health Organisation, which show a dramatic decrease in alcohol consumption among English teenagers, compared with other European countries.

The fact is that between 2002 and 2014 there has been a significant reduction in consumption among adolescents, but with very variable figures among countries, giving England the most drastic reduction: while in 2002 50.3% declared drinking weekly, in 2002 the figure was down to 10%.

Britons opt for a pill to stop drinking


Excessive consumption of alcohol is a serious problem in many parts of the world, where many citizens go drinking beyond what is advisable, whether we are talking about products such as wine, spirits or beer. Without neglecting the preventive measures and traditional treatments to overcome alcohol addiction, British health authorities have approved the use of a daily use medication for people with alcohol problems, which seems to guarantee satisfactory results, judging by the information published by the specialized website The Drinks Business.

The active ingredient in this ?anti-alcohol? pill, called Nalmefene, works by inhibiting the feeling of wellbeing that is obtained after the ingestion of an alcoholic beverage and, therefore, reduces the compulsive consumption largely responsible for the addiction in many people. In clinical tests performed, the study subjects reduced their consumption to about half after six months using the treatment.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has approved the use of this new drug, which could benefit about 600,000 people at a cost of 600 million pounds per year.

According to NICE specialist Carole Longson, this drug has shown clinical efficacy and cost-effectiveness compared with the single application of traditional psychiatric and social therapies, remembering, however, that its use must be accompanied by traditional control methods of alcohol addiction.

The Nalmefene is already in use in Scotland, the first European country to allow its administration, and is expected to spread soon its use throughout the UK, including England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Definitely a breakthrough in the treatment of drinking problems, that we hope to arrive sometime in our country. In any case, we are not promoting stop drinking, but drinking in moderation, prioritizing the enjoyment of taste above alcoholic values. Today we recommend:

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Opening of the first dedicated cava bar in London

 - The progressive internationalization of the brand cava is a fact for some years. This sparkling wine is growing in popularity around the world and many global entrepreneurs in the world of hotels and restaurants include it in the wine lists of its restaurants, recommend it in different wine culture broadcasting channels, and even, as in the case of Richard Bigg, owner of Spanish restaurant group Camino, dare to open specialized establishments in the very heart of the British capital.

Indeed, after the opening a while back of a Sherry dedicated bar in King’s Cross, Bigg has decided to install (within the Camino restaurant in St. Paul’s, London) what he defined as ?the first authentic dedicated cava bar?. To this establishment, which will open next May, will follow the opening of another bar, under the brand of Aqua Nueva Spanish restaurant, which plans to create the London?s largest cava bar at Oxford Circus, also next date.

The British businessman, who for his Sherry specialized establishment joined exclusively the producer Gonzalez Byass, decided instead, in the case of cava, counting on different elaborators to achieve an approach that puts quality above all.

According to Bigg, ?We speak with different brands, but in the end decided hooking to a single cava producer wasn?t the right path. Unlike the case of Sherry, the world of cava offers more heterogeneous qualities. There are cheap and nasty cavas that discredit the product, so what we want is to pick selections of every price category in order to change the consumer perception.?

The complexity of the product, which can play with different grape varieties and offers greater richness than products like Prosecco (An Italian sparkling with great success in the UK), can do the consumers, whatever their preference, come to appreciate in perspective the value of cava and that may contribute to its ultimate international expansion, not as low cost sparkling wine, but as a quality product in its own right.

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